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Here Are Our Picks for Orange County’s New Slogan



Heading west on Interstate 40, where Durham County yields to Orange, there's a road sign that says, "Welcome to Orange County: You'll Be a Fan for Life." The sign's beat up and damaged, and Orange County is in the process of replacing it. The county also figured this might be a good time to update the slogan, so in December it solicited ideas from the general public.

Last week, after reviewing over eight hundred submissions, the possibilities were narrowed to eleven. These finalists are, to be honest, a tad boring, as these things tend to be ("Where education meets opportunity"; "Visit today. Stay for life"; etc.). But not all the proposals had that market-research ring to them; in fact, many offered pointed commentaries on everything from taxation to atheism to breastfeeding to Duke sucking.

The INDY requested the entirety of citizen suggestions from the Chapel Hill and Orange County Visitors Bureau. We've picked out twenty-five of our favorites—none of which we made up, honest—and reproduced them below exactly as they were submitted, spelling, grammar, and capitalization errors included. Enjoy!

    World Class Education, Third World Roads

    Were too backwoods to add a third lane to I-40

    Where Mexican labor serves liberal piety

    We'll tax the hell out of you

    Home of the worst athletic scandal in NCAA history

    Beware—Godless Heathens Ahead

    Most farmers with Phd's

    A Step Above Hillsboro!

    Where men are men, women are scarce, and the sheep are scared to death!

    Orange You Glad We're Not Named Banana

    Orange You Glad You're Here

    Orange You Glad You Left Durham Co.

    Welcome to the People's Republic

    Put on your Smarty Pants! Ron needs to SING this to the old disco song Boogie Shoes [Editor's Note: LOL WTF?]

    Dook sucks

    Our lost sales taxes finance Durham

    The FIRST Breastfeeding Family Friendly Community!

    Lawyers, Guns & Money

    Protecting Civilization From The Huns

    The Pat of Butter in a Sea of Grits

    We Bad!

    Better than Alamance County since 1855.

    Welcome to Jesse Helm's Zoo

    Future Home of NC's Beaches

    Our slogan is pithy

    The Orange County Board of Commissioners is expected to announce the new slogan by early March.

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