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Hal gets it


I bet you'll catch lots of flak over Hal Crowther's article "Sympathy for the Devils?", but I think you were right on target in all respects. You covered all angles--gender and race issues, the deification of athletes, the corrosive nature of popular culture (I'm the mother of two teenaged girls), the lack of compassion and poor moral judgment. Some folks will say you've judged the three charged athletes as guilty without trial, but you didn't. You explored the culture, the story's setting, so to speak, which exists independent of (though connected to) any one incident.

You gave 'em a break, too. You didn't even mention the vile e-mail sent by another lacrosse team member after the party (more damning evidence of the low character of many of these young men).

Thanks for your insightful essay. It's refreshing to know that some people really get it.

Sinéad Hogan

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