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When: April 12-15, 8 p.m. 2013

These days, we may have hipsters instead of hippies, but in the wake of Occupy, there's a disarming timeliness to this plot-thin rock musical about '60s counterculture and flower power. Almost five decades after the musical made its debut, it's interesting to note the social issues protested by long-haired members of the activist "tribe" of hippies: the military-industrial complex, imperialist foreign policy, economic inequality, anti-environmentalism, racism, a misplaced drug war. Sorry, dudes, but we're facing the same problems half a century later. That said, Hair manages to make its social critique distinctly fun, featuring a dance party, an acid trip sequence and the song "Aquarius" (perhaps best known to younger audiences as that song from Steve Carell's post-coital rejoicing in The 40-Year-Old Virgin). And then there are lines like this: "As Mary Magdalene once said, 'Jesus, I'm gettin' stoned!'" Peace and love and drugs, brothers and sisters. Pauper Players, UNC's premier student-run musical theater organization, presents the production for a four-night run. —Emma Miller

Price: $5-12

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