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Habari Gani

If, on Wednesday, somebody in passing, says to you "Habari gani," they would A) be asking for directions to the nearest gas station B) solicit a response of "imani" from you or C) be remarking that your fly is unzipped? If you chose "b," then kudos on being up on your seven principles of Kwanzaa. Wednesday marks the seventh and final day, of the African-American holiday, and the traditional greeting of "habari gani"--"what's happening" will be answered by "imani"--faith, which marks the seventh principle of Kwanzaa. Join the African American Dance Ensemble for the 17th annual KwanzaaFest Cultural Celebration, an event which will celebrate Imani, with a range of cultural festivities, including poetry, and dance performances, as well as gospel music. And as expected, the AADE, with guest Linda Humes, will close the celebration with their African-based dance styles and rhythms, to welcome in a new year. Durham Armory, 220 Foster Street, Durham. 683-1709 or 560-2729. Free.
–olufunke moses

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