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Grip Tapes Summer 2010 Sampler

(Grip Tapes)



Adorned with a spectrum of popsicles, the cover of the Grip Tapes Summer 2010 Sampler hints at the label's sonic spread. Each of the six bands represented here might be termed "indie rock," but none of them quite fits next to another. This is Grip Tapes' greatest asset as a label: From Doctor's "Airplane (demo)," which gyrates like Toro Y Moi blowing out the speakers, to The Alcazar Hotel's parlor-room instrumental "The Walk of Wiley Foster," which struts like silent-movie slapstick, Grip Tapes refuses to define itself by any single sound per se. Old Bricks and Gross Ghost might share members, but there are country miles between the former's creaking folk rock and the latter's jangle-n-fuzz guitar pop. But by mining these acts' idiosyncrasies, the compilation finds a common thread where Veelee's rhythmic insistence and Cassis Orange's atmospheric tendencies can be woven into a whole. The collection serves mostly to whet listeners' appetites for each artist's forthcoming proper releases and for the future of the label at large. Fresh serve.

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