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Green Lantern

When: Fri., June 17 2011

Triangle Theaters—Yes, there's a lot of superhero films out there, and yes, most of them are from Marvel Comics characters. DC has had massive success with Batman and Superman in the past (well, Superman Returns not so much), but can Warner Bros., the corporate parent of DC, successfully monetize its lesser-known characters, just as Marvel did with the likes of Iron Man and Thor? Green Lantern is the first test of this, with tons of advertisements, an army of action figures on shelves and an extra $9 million plunked down for last-minute special effects.

Two questions are on fans' minds: Will the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively capture the characters known to comic fans for decades, and will noncomic fans buy into the concept of a test pilot, who, with a super-powered energy ring, is part of an intergalactic police force that must battle the living personification of fear alongside similarly attired aliens? Actually, make that three questions: Will the movie itself be any good? Only time will tell, though I at least plan to head to opening day with my novelty rings on my fingers, including the Sinestro Corps ring of yellow, the Red Lantern ring of rage and the Indigo ring of compassion. Rated PG-13; in 3-D at select locations. —Zack Smith

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