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Got Questions About College? Seven Current and Recent N.C. Students Have Answers.

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Times have changed since our parents went to college, and their "back in my day" stories can get old fast. So what's it actually like being on campus in the twenty-first century? Because nothing beats advice from fellow millennials who've been there, we asked seven current or recent students for the 411 on doing college in 2018. Sorry, Mom and Dad, but these collegians know best. —Elizabeth Chen

Allie Kvasnicka
Meredith College '20

How do you deal with living with a roommate?

Communication is vital. As a previous resident assistant to first-year students, I noticed that the majority of roommate conflicts arise due to a lack of communication. Establish and talk about boundaries before the school year starts to avoid future conflicts. Consider discussing things like items that are OK or not OK to share, visitors, study habits, sleeping habits, cleaning routines, etc. Also, if something is bothering you, talk to your roommate about it because, chances are, they had no idea you were uncomfortable in the first place. If you are having a hard time talking to your roommate, or if an issue is unable to be resolved, reach out to your RA or other on-campus resources.

Shayna Wolery
Duke '19

What's been your most meaningful on-campus experience?

Project WILD [Wilderness Initiatives for Learning at Duke, in which students go on outdoor adventures such as hiking through Pisgah National Forest] has been my most meaningful on-campus experience by far. I was first introduced to the group when my brother participated in the backpacking trip two years before me. He then became a staff member and convinced me to sign up, making Project WILD my first Duke-related experience. From there, I became a staff member and eventually became one of the program directors. I also took a course offered by the organization during my sophomore year that allowed me to learn how to create a welcoming and safe environment for incoming freshmen. I would not have become involved with Project WILD if my older brother had not come home from his backpacking trip with so many wonderful stories.

Jayda Bernard
William Peace University '21

What has been your most meaningful on-campus experience?

One of the organizations I've been involved with is the Division of Student Life. I am an orientation leader. It's been the most fun I've had on campus. I've been able to interact with so many different people with different backgrounds, and I've gotten to know other student leaders and staff. I got involved by reaching out to student leaders and asking them questions. Some advice I would give is to always check your email, because there will be emails coming left and right about things to do. Getting to know the campus as a student leader really put a positive outlook on my college life.

Jonah Graffius
UNC-Chapel Hill '18

Did you play any intramural or club sports?

I played club hockey, and I did intramural flag football and intramural street hockey for a little while. You have to have a team ready to play intramurals, so they're not the best way to get involved. However, I made some of my best friends on the UNC club hockey team, and I found that it was a really great way to start a social circle. I would suggest that everyone get involved in one thing—it doesn't have to be an athletic activity, but everyone should join a club or something to get face time with new people.

Mackenzie Roberts
Duke '19

Did you have any particularly great relationships with professors?

I developed a strong relationship with a favorite professor who teaches in my major mostly by following up with her outside of class on interesting things that we had discussed during class. She taught the introductory class for my major during my freshman year, and I would occasionally send her news articles that I happened to see that were related to the class material. I eventually began asking her for advice on which other classes to take, and we kept up a relationship until I could take another smaller seminar class with her junior year. She's since been a really helpful adviser and good source of guidance.

Bailey Wilson
East Carolina University '14

What was your favorite on-campus event?

My favorite on-campus events were probably the live concerts or campus fairs where you look for new potential jobs after graduating. The fairs were nice because they made us feel like our school was looking out for our futures. At the job fairs, if you found a booth you were interested in, you would get all the information about the job and pursue it. I also found out about a lot of volunteering events, and I ended up meeting some great friends.

Taylor Gurganus
UNC-Chapel Hill '20

What's been your most meaningful on-campus experience?

The most meaningful on-campus experience I've had has been getting to know my sisters in my sorority. They were there for me when no one else was, and they have helped me through the worst semester of my college experience. I got involved through sorority recruitment and didn't expect to find my best friends and future bridesmaids, but I did. Greek life has made my college experience everything I'd hoped it would be and more.

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