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"We want to see something different once in a while!" reads the first line of Glitter Films' Statement of Vision. This simple premise is as good a reason as any to see independent films, and in fact, the frustration underlying such a statement is often what fuels a number of the independent filmmakers in the first place. To applaud the hard work of those who have succeeded in translating their thoughts onto film (or video), Glitter Films will show a full program of short films by local folks including Mike Connor's Michael Connor Conversations, works by Modern Museum's Jim Kellough and Flicker's Jim Haverkamp, two Icelandicly themed films by Deena Denaro and a computer-animated short by Chicago Underground Film Festival winner Bob Judd. Did you catch the part about these being short films? All of you adults with ADD who feel disenfranchised by Hollywood's penchant for two- and three-hour opuses should turn out with the rest of us who just want to "see something different" at Artspace in Raleigh Friday night. See "Special Showings" for details.

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