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GirlTalk: Women & Text

When: Sept. 22-Jan. 14 2013

Raleigh's space for contemporary art offers a double-barreled opening Sept. 22, as GirlTalk: Women and Text fills the main gallery with a mixture of big names and bright newcomers while Jonathan Horowitz' multimedia installation Your Land/ My Land: Election '12 plugs the public into hot issues in the street gallery.

Imagine CAM's huge front windows as a compound-eyed insect's look at election coverage and you get a sense of Horowitz's project. Divided into red and blue sides, the space will host presidential debate screenings and offer voter registration as the big day in November approaches. Your Land/ My Land provides political engagement concurrently in St. Louis, New York and Houston museums.

GirlTalk gathers text-driven work by Lisa Anne Auerbach, Dana Frankfort, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Marilyn Minter, Monique Prieto, Kay Rosen, Kim Rugg and Maya Schindler. Rosen installs a huge site-specific wall exhibit; Auerbach's insidious knitting and Rugg's intricate appropriations provide highlights. —Chris Vitiello


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