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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week


Thursday, December 29
Prince Taylor
Local 506

Hard to say whether the 506 crowd will get the full "you get 'em from the peanut man" treatment from Prince Taylor, longtime member of the legendary (regionally, at least) Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts. But raunch was only half the tale with the Hot Nuts: They'd also hit you with expert takes on "Soul Man," "Shout" and the like. So at the very least, expect an evening of top-shelf soul and R&B. $6/9 p.m. --RC

Joe Swank & the Zen Pirates

Award-winning record label promotions guy, WCOM deejay, and veteran band leader with heartland roots--Joe Swank is a genuine triple threat. And then you've got his Zen Pirates and their double-threat mastery of country and rock. You do the math: that's five threats on one outdoor, yet tastefully heated stage. Stuff the tip jar/7 p.m. --RC

Killer Filler
The Cave

Think of a cooky OCD nob-twiddler molesting '60s car stereos and mashing up styles with a delightfully demented disregard for genre: Dick Dale--fuzz--Ry Cooder--fuzz--Mike Bloomfield--fuzz--Link Wray. Or, think a schizoid potpourri of instrumental revelry, fronted by former Southern Culture key guy Chris "Crispy" Bess. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll surf. 10:30 p.m. --RM

Sunday, January 1
The Spinns, The Jet Set
The Cave

"Easy," Rod Stewart whispers to the rest of the Faces before a sublime cover of Lennon's "Jealous Guy," included on the band's fantastic 2004 retrospective Five Guys Walk Into a Bar.... The quip follows a jovial rehearsal spat where he tells guitarist Ron Wood, "Nice feel.... You played more easy there. It was nice instead of your usual midnight-hour, oom-flap oom-flap adapted to every number." By that token, Stewart would despise Peoria rock trio The Jet Set, farfisa-guitar-drums oom-flappers who smack the Face that spit them while sporting a punk-sweat Zeppelin t-shirt, sans sleeves. A barn-burning rock band with bruising punch. It's been said that The Spinns may break up onstage. That's rock 'n' roll, dudes. --GC

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