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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

Wednesday, November 23
Old Ceremony, Jon Shain, The Cadillac Stepbacks, Armand Lenchek
Cat's Cradle

Six String Café sponsors this benefit for the Helping Hand Mission. Headliners Old Ceremony evolved from a pick-up backing band for singer/songwriter Django Haskin's increasingly baroque arrangements into a supple cabaret jazz pop outfit with a life of its own. Jon Shain sidles around the intersection of blues, country and folk like an itinerant busker betting on his Piedmont picking and reedy, easy-going voice to provide sustenance, knowing he's never gone hungry yet. $10/8 p.m. --CP

David Childers & the Modern Don Juans
Tir Na Nog

Mt. Holly's David Childers--road warrior, plain-speak poet and fierce rock 'n' roll frontguy--is quite possibly the hardest working man in roots-rock business, with the Don Juans in a three-way tie for second. Sharing thoughts about the band's recent stint on Mountain Stage, Childers wrote about the bright, beatific smile of another guest, folk legend Odetta. Reminds me of the looks on the faces of the increasing number of true believers at Childers' Triangle shows. Free/10:30 p.m. --RC

Thursday, November 24
The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Cat's Cradle

Give thanks the Marxist way, with former Refused singer Dennis Lyxzen and his merry band of comrades. The Swedish provocateurs' long-awaited major label debut, Armed Love, arrives with the same sultry garage strut but with a sonic sophistication that--like fashion--only money can buy. Released more than a year ago in Europe, Armed Love benefits greatly from Rick Rubin's production, which gives it a wonderful mid-range sweet spot that grows more appealing with each listen. $5-8/8:45 p.m. --CP

Friday, November 25
Pico vs. Island Trees
Lincoln Theatre

Joe Jackson, Graham Parker, Joan Baez, Richie Havens ... and Pico vs. Island Trees? L.A. producer David Kershenbaum helmed sessions for the first four marquee names in that series, and--shortly after this homecoming show for the young Raleigh quintet now scattered across several states thanks to college--he'll be making their record, too. "Rarely are you swept off your feet in the first bar," raves Kershenbaum about the band, which he heard for the first time will flipping through an XM radio dial. Here's where the strings come in.... $8-10/10 p.m. --GC

Endless Mic CD Release Party with Savvy and Merlin, Social Memory Complex
Cat's Cradle

The term "backpacker hip hop" was stillborn as instantly as "intelligent dance music," a failed attempt at distinguishing musical approaches. Endless Mic, a Chapel Hill troupe recently relocated to Greensboro, are trying to punch holes in hip-hop's sound, adjusting the viewfinder to their topics. Check out their new CD Cave Livin' and beaucoup openers. $6/8:30 p.m. --CT

Sunday, November 27
Audubon Park, A Northern Chorus, The Burdocks
Local 506

Perhaps it can be said that Ontario's A Northern Chorus casts a warm, inviting luminescence like the Northern Lights, and it certainly could be said that the band--soft and gentle, distant and delicate--twinkles like a star. Well, at least for half of a song--then they explode, rendering extreme dynamics like the best instrumental post-rockers but adding to it surrealist lyrical odes aligned with Alasdair Maclean's Clientele vision. Audubon Park--who share members with A Northern Chorus' labelmate The Nein--plays, along with Canada's Burdocks. $6/9 p.m. --GC

Monday, November 28
Mixel Pixel, Kapow! Music, The Octobers
Local 506

Mixel Pixel crosses the platforms and mixes the pixels, all right, coming across like an enthusiastically eclectic amalgam of most of your favorite indie rock bands: Sonic Youth if Kim Gordon was a dude, Modest Mouse if Issac Brock was goofier, Pavement if Steven Drozd played synthesizers with them, and The Flaming Lips if post-Zaireeka Wayne Coyne jammed with pre-Zaireeka Wayne Coyne in a super-sweet time warp. Good times, huh? Bu Hanan's Kapow! Music opens, along with the sinister, jagged, rural-stock teeth of The Octobers. $6/10 p.m. --GC

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