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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

Thursday, August 4
Tall Dwarfs, Fan Modine
Local 506

This New Zealand duo has been making lo-fi off-beat pop psychedelica for more than a quarter century, popping up from time to time with new albums between Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate's other projects. Quirky, inveterate genre-jumpers, they're legendary experimentalists whose catchy home recordings influenced alt-rockers like Yo La Tengo and Pavement. $8/9:30 p.m. --CP

The Avett Brothers, Langhorne Slim
Lincoln Theatre

Langhorne Slim: "I run into some people and they ask me how you are/ I tell them that you're doing well and hope they step in front of a car." If it takes a lot to laugh and a train to cry, it takes something special to do both. Brooklyn's Langhorne Slim and his perpetual touring buddies and probably separated-at-birth pals in Concord's The Avett Brothers manage the pair without shaking the impetus for either. They're just good-natured boys who realize they've messed up about as many times as they've been messed with. Country, blues and punk make good lovers. $10/9 p.m. --GC

Friday, August 5
Scott Miller & the Commonwealth, Joceifus Rifle
The Pour House

If you subject yourself to Blue Collar TV, you can catch fleeting glimpses of Scott Miller & the Commonwealth as they play you into commercials. A more pleasant and long-lasting experience with Miller and the band can be had at The Pour House, with Miller, as always, making like Nick Lowe's Shenandoah Valley nephew and/or a Roger Miller for the new millennium. Carolina roots rockers Joceifus Rifle open. $10/10 p.m. --RC

Saturday, August 6
Bishop Allen, We Are Scientists, Cities
Cat's Cradle

The pop hook got pretty sharp once young bands learned how to carve out the pointy tips. Two New Yorker outfits embody general terms like "catchy" and "infectious" with get-to-the-point brevity and energy. $8/9:30 p.m. --CT

Goner, The Greatest Hits, Media Circus

Currently scribbling their insignia in the canon of damn fine Raleigh rock bands, the revamped Greatest Hits (Kerry Spring's singing "Heat Wave" in Chicago) make music for and from the bartop, channeling the type of disgruntled fever that comes from writing pissed-off songs about girls after rocking with the boys in the practice space all night long. This marks Goner's Kings return, now with a new 'n' improved two-piece young'un cheering section. Media Circus is punkdrunk. $6/10 p.m. --GC

Lou Ford, Patty Hurst Shifter
Local 506

Here's Patty Hurst Shifter's new slogan, courtesy of J. Chris Smith: "If you hate rock 'n' roll, you'll loathe Patty Hurst Shifter." Still, the natural twang in Smith's voice and the rural imagery in his songs are enough for the band to often get stamped "alt-country." Likewise, the recently reunited Lou Ford (it's great to have them back) is primarily a rock band, but there's enough of a rootsy undercurrent in their music to inspire No Depression write-ups. $6/10 p.m. --RC

Drunk Stuntmen
The Pour House

This West Massachusetts outfit aren't so much country-rock as rock-country, bringing a rustic twang to their bubbling rock numbers that recall indie acts such as Slobberbone and The Old 97s, as well as more traditionally-minded roots acts such as The Jayhawks or The Scud Mountain Boys. $6/10 p.m. --CP

Sunday, August 7
Antagonizers, Flatfoot 56, Ivy League

Oi! It's a punk show, so expect T-shirted dudes waving around their tattooed forearms like so many Popeyes singing along to the chanteys of old. Bull City rockers Antagonizers have a new record out. Get up your gumption with Chicago's Flatfoot 56 and Wilmington outfit Ivy League. $6/9 p.m. --CT

Monday, August 8
Warped Tour, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

This year's tour is light on established, big name acts--The Offspring, MXPX and Dropkick Murphys are pretty much it--but long on newly minted teen sensations (Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Atreyu), and thick enough with prepubescents to be on Nickelodeon. Yet, what this year's acts lack in pedigree they make up for with energetic performances and a surprisingly strong lineup of lesser-known acts. $26.25/Noon --CP

Tuesday, August 9
Need New Body, Pit Er Pat
Local 506

You'll either love or hate Need New Body, and the two aren't mutually exclusive. These Philadelphia freaks philander, plunder, pillage, pull from and deconstruct about every genre they can get their ears in--psych, pop, bop, hip hop, free jazz, bluegrass, country, African, funk, you get the picture. Reigning Captains Bizarro of the indie music world, NNB's latest, Where is Black Ben?, is a maddening splatter of groove-able weirdness. Pit Er Pat stumbled a bit between their first EP and LP, but their latest work--a limited-run four track EP with John McEntire--is their best work to date. $8/10 p.m. --GC

My Dear Ella, Orange Park, Think Airbag

Melody rules the night for this one, with Chapel Hill's own MDE, who can nail a good pop groove or stretch out into long moody forays just as efficiently, Orange Park's power pop, and the spacey Think Airbag. $6/10 p.m. --CT

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