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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

Thursday, July 28
Kolyma, Savage kNights, The Whole World Laughing
Local 506

Kolyma jars like a drug-induced panic attack: nervous, sharp and unsettling. Jennifer Walker's wailing, stream-of-conscious beatness flails above Mike Isenberg's box-of-rocks drumming, Russ De Sena's dirty bass and Crowmeat Bob's saxophone and/or guitar shrillery, and--if you're lucky--you'll receive hard candy thrown from a soft bunny's bowels. And remember, the bunny is for petting. Dave Cantwell and Scotty Irving form TWWL, and you'd better ask if they're for petting before trying. Free/10 p.m. --GC

The Quarantines, Cities, Dr. Powerful, Harmless P.A.

Pairing The Quarantines and Cities certainly fits, as both make a retrofitted post-punk floating around in dream states of dark guitar and vocals. But this one has sharp edges: Three weeks after ex-Polvo'ers Dave Brylawski and Steve Popson played Kings with their Black Taj, former Polvo drummer Eddie Watkins comes up from Sanford with his Dr. Powerful, as well as his Lee County friends in Harmless P.A., who sound more D.C. than L.C.N.C. $6/10 p.m. --GC

Friday, July 29
Red Clay Ramblers
The ArtsCenter

With a name that celebrates both the state's moldable turf and Charlie Poole's backing outfit, the Red Clay Ramblers are North Carolina through and through. And with over 30 years of music making, the guys are as comfortable on stage (and writing for the stage: see Kudzu, Lone Star Love and others) as they are exploring and combining old-time, blues and jazz. $16/8 p.m. --RC

Wives, Jakuta & Carl

What is with five-band bills? A little breathing room please... . Nonetheless, if L.A.'s Wives were the only group the air would still be sucked right out. Combining their hometown's punk roots with the now-sound of Providence, the trio rumble into perpetual bass/drum lock atop an unmistakable Cali-drawl. Maryland's laptop/acoustic duo Jakuta & Carl wash up sweetly like a Saturday morning version of Xiu Xiu. Modern Day Urban Barbarians, Torch Marauder and Cantwell Gomez & Jordan open. $5/10 p.m. --EW

Milagro Saints

Raleigh standbys the Milagro Saints come to one of the most storied bars in town for a night of meatball sandwiches and free music. With the addition of drummer Ed Root to the Saints' lineup, the musicians find themselves ready to conquer the world. SD Ineson and company are sure to play a diverse sampling of its repertoire, as well as sneak peaks from a future album. Free/7 p.m. --JR

James Taylor
Alltel Pavilion

Last night in my dreams I was Obi-Wan, imparting wisdom to an impetuous Jedi who looked suspiciously like Grayson Currin. I was showing him how to use The Stooges' "Search & Destroy" to frighten children, when Stormtroopers appeared in the doorway. I dashed out the back, Grayson trailing behind. As I opened the door, I tumbled over another trooper. His helmet came off, and it was James Taylor. The troopers surrounded me and pulled off their masks--they were all James Taylor. The singer/songwriter and his folky, sensitive clones proceeded to torture me, killing me softly with his song. $53 reserved, $20 lawn/8 p.m. --CP

Saturday, July 30
Legion of the Fallen, Vanguard, Done Deal

It could be ... it is! This sludgy metal hardcore hybrid lineup includes the death metalloids Legion of the Fallen, sure to be bring some doom to the room. Don't look for openers Done Deal to cheer you up with songs like "Sick People" or "Wall of Hate." $6/10 p.m. --CT

Willie & Me, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band
The Pour House

Two boys who opted out of their native Mississippi mud for the surf of Wilmington, Willie & Me formed a four-piece roots rock outfit upon arrival, keeping their country rearing near and dear and floating down a languorous river whistling Marshall Tucker songs and thinking about Gregg Allman. Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, if you couldn't guess, moves its and your ass with horn hooks and guitar leads, tipping hats to Stevie, shaking things to Herbie and bowing down to Jelly Roll. $6/10 p.m. --GC

Alex Howard Birthday Party with David Childers & The Modern Don Juans, Hard Times Family
Joe and Jo's

You might remember former Durham Herald-Sun employee Alex Howard from the piece he wrote in these pages back in January, or you might recognize him as the guy in the cowboy hat who's at 90 percent of the music shows you attend. Even if you don't know Alex, wish him happy birthday and buy him a beer as you listen to two of the Charlotte area's finest exports. Free/9 p.m. --RC

Jerry Partin's Birthday with Hobart Willis, The Breaks, Bynum General Store
Tift Merritt couldn't make Jerry Partin's birthday party, but she'll play in the fall. Instead, Hobart Willis & The Back Forty headline. Willis' crackling country rock is culled from old Bakersfield C&W along with a dose of old-time rock 'n' roll of the Sun Records vein. Bluegrass and old-timey music might also pop up. Quirky Pittsboro pop act The Breaks open. 7 p.m. --CP

Local 506

Spiritual cousins of Corrosion of Conformity, their raw, brutal, sub-Stooges thud resides in the nether region between old school Sabbath sludge and four-on-the-floor punk fury. It's as though The Melvins and The Supersuckers inhabited the same body, changing personalities like a traffic light. $8/10 p.m. --CP

The Willowz, Caldera

Though their name sounds like some benevolent friends of the Hobbits, L.A.'s Willowz bash out rock that instantly recalls harmony-rich Zombies and bombastic Detroit heroes, despite their barely-drinking age. A band from Orange County, Calif., to be liked for a change. Come at 6 p.m. for the N-Lite Crafts Fair for $2; show at 10 p.m. for $4. --CT

Sunday, July 31
Chris Scruggs, David Childers & The Modern Don Juans
Local 506

Packing impeccable familial roots (grandson of Earl Scruggs, son of Nashville singer/producer Gail Davies) and musical roots (punk band at 13, membership in Rosie Flores' band and BR549), Chris Scruggs makes music he describes as "a mix of Milton Brown and Revolver." And David Childers' upcoming Jailhouse Religion rocks like a revival meeting and pauses for a country-soul song that sounds like a last-chance prayer. $8/10 p.m. --RC

Hayes Carll
The Pour House

Inspired, as is many a guitar-owning young Texan, by Townes Van Zandt and mentored by such gentleman as Guy Clark and Ray Wylie Hubbard, Hayes Carll tops the up-and-coming troubadour class when it comes to balancing wit, lit and grit. His latest record, the splendid and sinewy Little Rock, puts the highway in your head and mincemeats the idea of a sophomore jinx. $10/7 p.m. --RC

Monday, August 1
Dance Disaster Movement, Kill Me Tomorrow
Local 506

Long Beach's Dance Disaster Movement reverted to acronym for their second joint, the just-released Snow on the TV, but very little has been reduced (or expanded) in DDM's disco-punk, slight-wave, bangin'-or-borin' evisceration: There's a punk swagger tied to a David Byrne sense of song, spat above cheap-ass electro beats bouncing off of everything, including the alloy-lined alleyways of oscillating drones slamming fore and aft. Fans of The Rapture, Black Dice and A.R.E Weapons, try it. $7/10 p. m. --GC

Wednesday, August 3
Skeletons & the Girl Faced Boys

Matt Mehlan's persona Skeletons has joined with the Girl Faced Boys for 2005's finest indie take on mutant disco pop. Git's ocean-sized production and white soul croon could take over iPods from here to Tokyo. Dancing will be mandatory. Fa She Monde, Twine, DJs Mothersbros open. $5/10 p. m. --EW

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