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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week


Friday, June 17
Schooner, The Sames
Local 506

Don't shake it too much or this show will explode, because of these bands' effervescent pop. The Sames have the shimmering melodics of a Britpop band and a dreamy ambience that floats in clouds of fluffy synth fills and jangling guitar. Schooner's pop rock tumbles and sways, and even when it lands on its ass, there's a kind of grace that guides it on its charming, ramshackle way. $6/9 p.m. --CP

Universal Music Orkestra
Bickett Gallery

Put another notch in the tree showing Bickett Gallery's place as a home for free-thinking jazz in Raleigh. This local hard-bop influenced group, with Kim Jones, Christopher Thurston, Parrish Anderson and other collaborators, should echo jazz's past while inserting some contemporary flourishes. 9 p.m. --CT

Milton Mapes, Southern Bitch, Leadfoot
The Pour House

If you consider Austin, Texas (home of Richard Buckner-fronts-Crazy Horse five-piece Milton Mapes) to be the South, then what we have here is a night of Southern rock, although your volume will vary. Southern Bitch, who shares an Athens, Ga. address with current Southern rock royalty the Drive-By Truckers, has plenty of its own Crazy Horse-ish moments, while the long-standing Leadfoot has former Corrosion of Conformity frontguy Karl Agell going for it. $6/9 p.m. --RC

The Experts CD Release Party, The Pink Slips
Ooh La Latte

From Durham, these Experts come cross-curricular, sporting Replacements roots-rock swagger bemused with crooked smiles courtesy of the need to make attractive, breezy pop passes. The catch and expertise here, though, is the slightly sardonic smack of David Cross and the sheer outlandish humor of Tenacious D: songs about bitchin' hair incumbent for "LA Style," a full-sized, erotic robot named dubbed "Pleasurebot," and Mr. Miyagi's martial plight. Hey Hey! The Pink Slips open. $5/9 p.m. --GC

Saturday, June 18
Bluegrass Experience
Lake Benson Park (Garner)

For the last three decades, bassist Snuffy Smith and guitarist Tommy Edwards anchored the Bluegrass Experience. Fourteen-year vet Keith Thomas--on fiddle, guitar and mandolin--finally lost his new guy status with the hiring of former Smokey Ridge Boy mandolinist Mike Aldridge and ex- Bill Monroe Bluegrass Boy banjoist Stan Brown. For nine years during the '70s and into the '80s, the band played weekly at the Cradle and were the Union Grove World Bluegrass Band Champs in '72. Free/6 p.m. --GB

Jason Harrod
Pittsboro General Store

Jason Harrod and Brian Funck stirred up Beantown's underground for nearly a decade, playing on Boston street corners in good weather and in the subways in winter. After putting out three albums, N.C. native Harrod split in '99 to perform folkier compositions, winning MerleFest's Chris Austin Songwriting Contest the following year. His latest, Bright as You, is more in a blues-rock vein. Free/8:30 p.m. --GB

Receptors, Remora, Clang Quartet, Torch Marauder

Let's face it, the new do-it-yourselfers are using computers to make music, but an interesting outcrop of experimenters are taking things to a more primal level by bastardizing old video games. The lo bit circuit benders in Receptors, a Roanoke, Va. team, playfully manipulate the building blocks of electronic sound, joined here by other noise tweakers. $5/10 p.m. --CT

The Nein, Bellafea
Local 506

The Nein's taut art-punk exists in askew environments--like a Terry Gilliam film--and channels the lessons of Pere Ubu and Wire, with clean, crashing and criss-crossing guitar lines stretched tight across a shifty, rhythmic pulse. Bellafea is like the weather, going from sunny warmth to dark and thunderous in but a moment. $6/9 p. m. --CP

The Grande Mothers Re:Invented

Formed 10 years before Zappa's great gig in the sky, The Grande Mothers transformed from ex-members playing catalogue to the premiere tribute band. With Napoleon Murphy Brock on vocals and orbital Beefheart and founding Mothers of Invention bassist Roy Estrada, the picking of morsels from Over-nite Sensation to Uncle Meat is purely justified and ecstatically close to original form. Viva la Zappa! $20/8 p.m. --EW

GLAM Yard Sale, Gerty, blackstrap and more
Joe and Jo's

GLAM--Girls Leading in Arts & Music-- bills itself as a non-profit for creative girls of all ages. This all day benefit includes an early afternoon "yart" sale, a film by Jen Ashlock and a rock show with the ever-popping Gerty and hard-rocking Blackstrap.

Nathan Davis Band, Oblivious Action Figures
The Pour House

Blues-voiced guitarist/pianist Nathan Davis is a Carolinian by birth, but it's a couple Yankees--Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel--that most often frequent his reviews. This show celebrates the release of Nathan Davis Live, recorded at Cary's Six String Music Hall, and the first 25 people through the door get a copy. Adventurous rock trio the Oblivious Action Figures (with Rob Watson, Neal Leazer and Rob Girardin as the men of action behind the secret identities) share the bill. $6/10 p.m. --RC

Sunday, June 19
Mic Harrison, Roman Candle
The Pour House

Harrison's résumé includes Nashville's sizzling roots rockers V-Roys and alt-rock/power-poppers Superdrag. Now on his own, Harrison's latest, Pallbearer's Shoes, crosses his entire career spectrum to fine effect. Roman Candle have a warm, rootsy sound that wends from Stones-y country rockers to tasteful ballads that recall Robbie Robertson. $6/8 p.m. --CP

Monday, June 20
Discordian Society
The Pour House

A toasted biscuit always goes down easier with jam. Not sure of the berry crop in Roanoke, Va., but Discordian Society is a specialty blend of darkstar cherry, galactic honey and fleeting red hot chili pepper bits. Must've been stored in a tin, since a metallic crunch still lingers. But when it's free, how can you not? 10 p.m. --EW

The Helio Sequence, Rogue Wave
Local 506

With barebones of drums, a synthesizer and a laptop choked on samples, the two-man Helio Sequence explodes from a whirlwind pop kaleidoscope, creating Caribou/Manitoba-like bliss bouncing up and down, in and out on the back of Benjamin Weikel's drums (he played on Modest Mouse's Good News) still hinged to a straight-ahead, verse-chorus-verse backbone. Fans of The Flaming Lips' ebullience, rejoice anew. Rogue Wave--the magnetic Pacific Northwest acoustic charm of Zach Rogue--headlines. $8/9 p.m. --GC

Tuesday, June 21
Bella Lea, Travis Morrison

While featuring three members of the latest incarnation of Denali (after Keeley Davis and Jonathan Fuller decided to concentrate on Engine Down full-time), Bella Lea ditches the post-rock, drum-machine/trip-hop squall for something more straightforwardly pop (think Cowboy Junkies without the ludes) that takes full advantage of Maura Davis' voice. Travis Morrison's solo debut, Travistan, is a far ways from Dismemberment Plan and recalls the John Davis/Lou Barlow Folk Implosion. --CP

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