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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week


Thursday, May 12
Starflyer 59, The Pale, The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers
Local 506

Veterans of more than a dozen years, SF59's somnambulant drone, dragging rhythms and plush atmospherics can be traced to back to the shoegazers. His languid melodies, churning riffs and expansive sonic vocabulary wander from dream and chamber pop territory into slinky dark pop at times. (Which fits, given how his dark, romantic baritone croon resembles Sisters of Mercy's Andrew Eldritch.) Bellingham, Wash.'s The Pale play straight-up indie pop that crosses the warmth of twee and the bubbling crunch of power pop. Don't arrive too late and miss The Prayers & Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers, whose beautiful, shuddering, full-bodied pop-rock is among the best in the Triangle. 9:30 p.m./$8--CP

Hearts & Daggers
Bickett Gallery

They've got a dusty, country-blues shuffle and singer/guitarist Kevin Wolfe switches easily between his rusty croon and gruff bite. While most in this neighborhood work a Stonesy-country vibe tossed with a sprinkling of Replacements insouciance, H&D are more authentic, mixing bluegrass, Bakersfield C&W and whiskey-fueled outlaw attitude. 10 p.m. --CP

Friday, May 13
Reverend Horton Heat, Supersuckers, Murphy's Law
Cat's Cradle

Here's a full night of the good ole gruff get-down with the Reverend, a guy who was a punker before he started "doing" the Rev. The Supersuckers bring the live-in-the-moment party rock, and Murphy's Law lets you get your skank on. 8:30 p.m./$15--CT

Open Eye Café

This Baltimore duo have a churning, percussive acoustic guitar attack that flows, ebbs and builds back on itself. The loose-limbed song structures have a definitive jam band feel, and the guitar work recalls David Gray at times. Their versatile sonics, nice boy/girl harmonies and fleshed-out arrangements make Ilyaimy (I love you and I miss you) a surprising treat. 8 p.m./free--CP

Alison Brown Quartet

She's one of the few banjo pickers to boast a Harvard education and an MBA. Her résumé also includes a three-year stint with Alison Krauss. Brown's last release, Fair Weather, on her own Compass records features bluegrass and country giants including Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Vince Gill and Tony Rice. Her Stolen Moments, out this week, displays her talents in jazz as well as bluegrass. 8 p.m./$22--GB

Saturday, May 14
David Childers & the Modern Don Juans
Martin Street Music Hall

Mount Holly, N.C.'s David Childers can command a stage with just an acoustic guitar and a Louvin Brothers song in his heart. But in that heart is a rock and roller, and with the Modern Don Juans, Childers has found the perfect band to bring his rough-hewn, wisdom-drenched rock songs to glorious, stomping life. The Ohio Farm Cats open. 10 p.m./$7--RC

Black Keys, Hentchmen
Cat's Cradle

The Fat Possum label is home to murderous bluesmen like T Model Ford and R.L Burnside. If a couple of young white boys from Ohio got picked up, you gotta figure they're putting out some dangerous backwater mojo. Guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney claim to be more rock than blues, but their cover of Captain Beefheart's "Grown So Ugly" puts them right there on murderer's row. 9:30 p.m./$12--GB

Bamboo Music (Kids Music Showcase)
Six String Café

Bamboo Music is a regional musicians' collective with an emphasis on young performers, although some, um, more mature artists such as Jim Crew and David Glen Dyer are onboard. This matinee will feature up-and-coming singer/songwriters from the roster; surprises are promised. See for more information on Bamboo Music. noon/$4--RC

Monday, May 16
Cat's Cradle

When I think of indie songwriters with guitars making the switch to synth bands, I think of saccharine pop and the lovelier side of irony. I've never expected the expectable from Pedro the Lion frontman David Bazan, either. There's no sunny side to his new Headphones: He treats 9/11 in a not so askance or pitiful way, singing, "Bullies ought to get what's coming" in a lullaby voice, as if over his daughter's music box just after disavowing a life's love with the line, "Baby, I was faking the whole time." 9 p.m./$10--GC

Bandelirium: ZTV's Music Trivia Game Show
The Cave

You say you already do a trivia night in town? How about local music trivia filmed for cable access TV? Bandelirium features Triangle-area guest celebs, sometimes under scrutiny, with curious contestants in a vibe somewhere between The Gong Show and Let's Make a Deal. 8 p.m. --CT

Tuesday, May 17
Firebird Band, Liars Academy

The success of The Postal Service probably whetted more than a few lips, among them Firebird Band's. Led by former Braid frontman Chris Broach, Firebird Band released their fourth album on local label Bifocal last year, full of spooky atmospheric clattering and minimalist noise. Liars Academy are an emo band who've undergone a personality crisis, taking their sound in several directions at once on their latest album. 10 p.m./$8--CP

Wednesday, May 18
Austin Freeman, Mike Babyak
The Pour House

Austin Freeman and Mike Babyak are both local up-and-comers. Despite Freeman and his bandmates' mountain background, since moving to Raleigh the group plays rock 'n' roll that's not high and lonesome but low down and dirty. Durham steel guitarist Babyak had a longtime association with psychedelic guitar pioneer Steve Kimock, but his current incarnation is more geared to jazz and blues with a touch of Latin flavor. 10 p.m./$5--GB

Thee Speaking Canaries
Local 506

These tweety birds can crush puddy-tats with their heavy riffage. Fronted by drummer Damon Che (Don Caballero), this trio pounds out guitar overload anthem rock, with metalloid solos and pump-yer-fist choruses that sound good when you're in a T-top vehicle. 10 p.m. --CT

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