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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

Friday, April 8
Masala Beat Club

Ultra-eclectic DJ Marco spins it up with DJ Mogambo once again at the state's only regular Desi party, which comes complete with Asian Underground beats, Bollywood classics, videos, skin art and free Bhangra dance lessons. Always one of the best parties in the Triangle. $5/10 p.m. --GC

Fantomas, Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant, The Locust
Cat's Cradle

Faith No More? Mike Patton's previous decade has washed it away: disparate projects (Ikue Mori, Bjork), founding Ipecac and establishing Fantomas in 1999 with Slayer's Dave Lombardo, Mr. Bungle's Trevor Dunn and Melvin's Buzz Osborne. Fantomas' forte is acrobatic time-signatures and grinding metallic bombast. The new Suspended Animation is cartoon cutups of prime Naked City spontaneity/brevity but one step further. Don't expect Patton's gurgle gracing Saturday morning TV. $15/9 p.m. --EW

Edwin McCain, David Ryan Harris
Lincoln Theatre

Harris--the former Follow for Now frontman that hails from the same Atlanta soul-pop scene as John Mayer--sports a superb Wonder/Jackson/Clapton eclecticism capable of songcraft above and beyond Johnnyboy's. $16/9 p.m. --GC

Thad Cockrell
St. Philip's Episcopal Church Parish Hall

The son of a Baptist teacher, Cockrell attended seminary at Wake Forest and didn't even have a stereo until well into adulthood. But since setting to it five years ago, he's proved a remarkable songwriter with a gift for the kind of honest tune that has always been true country's great gift. Sometimes metaphor obscures truth where the heartfelt hits the mark; Cockrell's lingering tenor camps out there, in the sad eye of the storm. $15/7 p.m. --CP

Saturday, April 9
The Mercy Filter, The Vibe Killers
Martin Street Music Hall

Many a mid-'90s night was well spent or misspent (depending on the associated activities, I suppose) with the Kenny Roby-fronted 6 String Drag and the Chip Robinson-fronted Backsliders. A decade on, you can do a little reliving of sorts, with Roby's new pop-leaning Mercy Filter and Robinson's once-or-twice-a-year, covers-heavy Vibe Killers. $7/10 p.m. --RC

Mason Jennings, Jonathan Rice
Cat's Cradle

When he was 12, he sounded like Don Henley. Sixteen years later, Dylan is a more apt comparison. On his latest release, Use Your Voice, Mason Jennings' acoustic folk/punk style mixes Lou Reed vignettes with hip hop, blues and reggae. Jennings doesn't fancy himself a folkie, however, calling the genre "wussyish," claiming he plays acoustic guitar solely for the rhythm. Opening act Rice falls more on the pop side of the singer/songwriter persuasion. $12/10 p.m. --GB

Valient Thorr, Kudzu Wish, Horsethief
Local 506

Visiting this fair planet, specifically Greenville, N.C. by way of Venus, Valient Thorr work out some heavy guitar rock 'em sock 'em, couched in a humorous shtick. Greensboro's Kudzu Wish celebrate the release of their new EP En Route here. 10 p.m. --CT

the Pour House

They may be a staple of the jam band circuit with their swampy funk-blues, but the Florida quintet's greasy, front-porch Southern blues-rock sound has broader appeal (if you can stomach the patchouli stink) and delivers more crunk than the standard white-boy funkster. $6/10 p.m. --CP

Circulatory System, The Strugglers
Duke Coffeehouse

Olivia Tremor Control's Black Foliage is a modern psychedelic masterpiece beyond the Elephant Six confines, and surely Will Cullen Hart is tired of hearing that. Though he and most of OTC have delivered equal dream-time otherworldliness as Circulatory System, their upcoming album could be the charmed carpet ride we all need. The Strugglers, a troupe of one N.C. gent, bends folk form to the indie ear. $5, $2 Duke students/9 p.m. --EW

Sunday, April 10
Schmidt's Showcase, S. Burns with Weapons of Mass Distraction
The Cave

Dave Schmidt's longtime experience onstage and off as a local soundman provides for some good groupings on his showcase, set to run consecutive Sundays in the early slot at 7:30. Around 10 p.m., come check out some real live WMDs. --CT

Monday, April 11
FrequeNC Sound System

In an open-source format, the Freqs, comprised of members of Cold Sides and DJ team Mothersbrothers, mix record spinning with live production for a vibe ranging from mellow background to 4-4 pump-ya-fist dance beats, depending on the crowd. 10 p.m. --CT

Wednesday, April 13
Songs of Water

SoW draw deeply from the pool of world music, dipping into African, Middle Eastern and European styles. Their improv, off-the-cuff approach keeps the music fresh, with several stringed instruments including dulcimer, mandolin, violin and guitar. $5/9 p.m. --CT

Disco Rodeo

Not to taunt, but Muse is essentially a thinking man's emo act, Matthew Bellamy howling out polar lovelorn and love-landed lyrics ("I'll feel my life crumbling," "Give me your heart and your soul," "I'm a priest god never paid") over theatric, bombastic and sometimes ecliptic arrangements based on structures distilled from classical music and classic rock (prog, though, is a stretch). That said, this should be incredible, especially with the always-on Dominic Howard behind his snare-heavy kit. $15/8 p.m. --GC

Wrinkle Neck Mules
The Cave

While the name of this young band out of Richmond, Va., conjures visions of some bizarre shar-pei/donkey hybrid, their music is more a combination of Son Volt's country-saluting rock and the Gourds' righteous Americana mishmash. Nothing bizarre about that. 10 p.m. --RC

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