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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

The Parsons
Six String Cafe
Wednesday, Dec. 29

In this time of the Clarks and the Hanks, you're forgiven for thinking that The Parsons might be named after Gram. No sir/ma'am, the quartet's name comes from wife-and-husband team Caroline and Jon Parsons, and the band's blend of bluegrass, ragtime, oldtime and swing finds them dipping even deeper into the traditional well. 8 p.m./$5--RC

Neblina Records Presents: L.E.G.A.C.Y., MAN OV WAR, L-Smooth, DJ Resident
Pour House
Thursday, Dec. 30

NC-based label Neblina hosts this great lineup of hip-hop, featuring some of their own like the Justus League's L.E.G.A.C.Y. and DJ Resident, who are also included on the recent Neblina collection, Definition: The Hip-Hop Compilation. This'll be another great night of live hip-hop in Raleigh. 8 p.m. --CT

The Quarantines, Cities
Thursday, Dec. 30

Cross Pinback and Yo La Tengo, sans noise, and you get a glimpse of The Quarantines picture: crisp melodies that drift out, float around and fly back into view thanks to a whipsmart, math-styled drumming center of gravity. At times, it borders on redemptive and transcendent, much like the openers, Cities, who draw comparisons to Interpol. --GC

New Town Drunks, SNMNMNM
The Cave
Friday, Dec. 31

Few band names on New Year's Eve bills scream party quite like these two dandies. Self-described as Southern-fried flamenco, the New Town Drunks will pep your step and crunk your drunk until you have no choice to party like it's 2005. The same goes for SNMNMNM, a bunch of fun-loving goofs who bring drums, guitar, accordion and plenty of whacked-up brass to the mix. Driving home is not recommended. --GC

Barefoot Manner
Lincoln Theatre
Friday, Dec. 31

Feeling the music in your feet takes on a different meaning with Barefoot Manner, who perform with the aforementioned appendages naked and unencumbered. Funky newgrass with I-tal riddims transformed the former bluegrass trio into a jammy downhome quintet with its own outdoor festival , Mannerland. 10 p.m./$25, $20 adv. --GB

Joe Swank & the Zen Pirates
The Cave
Friday, Dec. 31

"It's about the drinkin'," roars Joe Swank, backed by the rocky-tonking Zen Pirates. Liquor to beer, nothing to fear, so let Swank and his marauding crew be your early-night shot. But if it's a cautionary tale you need, Swank also delivers a fierce cover of "Sunday Morning Comin' Down." 7:30 p.m. --RC

Pink Slips
Carolina Brewery
Friday, Dec. 31

The Triangle's own answer to the Muffs, Paybacks and Raincoats rattle the rafters with their high-throttle, three-girl rock'n'roll. The new single "Jackfight b/w Makeout" features a crunchier, blues-garage attack than their more punk-pop minded debut EP New Crush. Singer/guitarist Leigh Fox in particular sounds more comfortable with this mid-tempo material, allowing her to work her sultry, low-register delivery. 8 p.m./$39--CP

Memphis The Band
Blue Bayou
Friday, Dec. 31

They ain't from Memphis, but the Southern accent is real. On their last release, Last of the Cadillac Days, Chapel Hill's version of garage roots rock was squoze through the Squirrel Nut Zip funnel courtesy of producer Jimbo Mathis to produce a chunky stew of rock, blues, funk and folk. " Garage may be a rough term, but it may fit," says guitarist Scott Morgan. 10 p.m./$10--GB

Jett Rink, Kung Flude, Fake Swedish, Young Idea
Local 506
Friday Dec. 31

Inherent in the club's name, 506 hosts a solid set of local bands from this fair region to usher in the '05, ranging from the testoster-tones of Kung Flude, Fake Swedish's pop riffage and deca-dancers Jett Rink. To retain the festive vibe, JR's Viva provides a party mix between sets. 10 p.m./$4--CT

Pour House
Saturday, Jan. 1

Before going over to the other side of the glass with R.E.M., Don Dixon got together with Marty Stout and Robert Kirkland in '69 at UNC to reinvent pop music. The songs were ahead of their time and mostly ignored by critics. The band broke up in '83, but reunited in '02 with a new album, The 511Record, a combination of old and new material, to get some well deserved "I told you so" action. 8 p.m./$20--GB

Lou Ford, The Nevers
Pour House
Sunday Jan. 2

Country-tinged Charlotte rock group Lou Ford reunites for this installment of the club's Sunday Roots Series, with as much jangle as twang in their sound. Get there in time for the openers, local power-poppers The Never. 7 p.m./$8 --CT

506 Free for All with eNtet and Friends
Local 506
Sunday Jan. 2

eNtet is a group of members from monolithic local free jazz outfit Micro-East Collective, this evening with varied accompaniment from their associates. The diverse palette of these players allows them to work in strokes of anything from hard bop to the modern free and minimalist movements. For example, in a recent concert they covered the Charlie Haden ode to revolution, "Song for Che." 10 p.m./Free--CT

Vague Angels
Local 506
Tuesday, Jan. 4

Chris Leo's path hasn't been as straightforward or melodic as his brother Ted. Leading Native Nod, Van Pelt and The Lapse, Leo's rock is thick with texture, be it crackling peals of guitar, sparse haunting soundscapes or floods of lyrical imagery and narrative. His latest project is Vague Angels, whose only release to date is Truth Loved, the album of the fictional band from his book, White Pilgrim (performed by Vague Angels), and the novel's seventh chapter. 10 p.m. --CP

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