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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

Strange, Des Ark
Martin Street
Wednesday, Dec. 15

This evening highlights two of the area's more esoteric rock acts. Strange live up to their moniker with a dense, claustrophobic sound reminiscent of The Fall or a haunted house on the verge of implosion. Des Ark are a loud, raw two-piece led by singer/guitarist Aimee Argote, who plays furious punk infused with a sludgy Sabbath roar and the performance intensity of an all-out civil war that's guaranteed to damage un-protected ears. 10 p.m. --CP

Choose Your Own Adventure, Bringerer, Cheers to No Tomorrow
Local 506
Thursday, Dec. 16

CYOA have a new EP out on Sit n' Spin Records, part two of a concept album illustrated in their slow-build rock instrumental pieces and non-sequitur bits. If you haven't caught Bringerer yet, you're missing some of the best local folks switching things up at every turn; instruments, styles, more. CTNT gets some Transportation and Fin Fang Foom together. 10 p.m. --CT

Ian Moore, SpencerAcuff
Thursday, Dec. 16

If you're looking for the Ian Moore who used to be a bluesman, he's long gone, replaced by his new persona composed of equal parts Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley and Morrisey. For his latest release, Luminaria, Moore went the lo-fi route, unplugging himself and recording with found objects including a Walkman. Though he's from Texas, you won't be two-stepping to this one--it's more suitable for listening. Drinking and crying are optional. $15. 8 p.m. --GB

William Woltz
Joe and Jo's
Thursday, Dec. 16

Guitarist and songwriter Woltz has a great breadth of musical knowledge; his songs span from blues and R&B to country or even ragtime. Since he is a DJ at WCPE, he might include the occasional touches of classical arrangements. 7 p.m. --CT

Abe Reid & the Spike Drivers
Blue Bayou Club
Friday, Dec. 17

Yeah, the whole old soul in a young body thing has been cliche for a long time. But witnessing the raw energy and hollerin' mojo of Statesville blues/soul/boogie-woogie guy Abe Reid (who gets plenty of help from the Spike Drivers) could convince you that some wheeling and dealing took place at a Piedmont crossroads. $9. 9:30 p.m. --RC

Jett Rink, Ticonderoga, El Boa
Friday, Dec. 17

El Boa made its debut in the opening slot at the primo take-it-to-the-suburbs Raleigh house party known as Superfest this September, and the 40 on hand were treated to a superb rock 'n' roll deflowering. El Boa's pedigree--which includes The Cherry Valence, The Weather, STRANGE and The Dynamite Brothers--requires little explanation, and their rock--classic two-guitar contagions bled through mammoth Marshall stacks--carries even fewer frills. Jett Rink's chaos headlines, while Ticonderoga's majesty opens. 10 p.m. --GC

The Nighthawks
Blue Bayou Club
Saturday, Dec. 18

"There was a period of time when people said the Nighthawks could be the American Beatles, four distinct personalities," says Hawks vocalist/harpman Mark Wenner, who wanted to play an Elvis song as much as an Otis Redding song or a Muddy Waters song, and didn't see it as violating some sacred rule by going from one to the other. That's helped make the group's music timeless, and kept them on the road constantly since 1972. $15. 9 p.m. --GB

Lise Uyanik & the Mobile City Band, Pawnshop Ruby
Saturday, Dec. 18

Uyanik and friends are local music staples, a band of progressives who made original, celebratory music about what was on their minds, and then did something about it in our community. Since their 1981 debut, they've made a triumphant return with a second record last year, including the self-explanatory single "W." This show is a benefit for Ipas, a group working to protect women's reproductive rights. $10. 8 p.m. --CT

Austin Freeman & South of Town
Sunday, Dec. 19

Austin Freeman and the members of South of Town, Wilkesboro natives all, recently relocated to Raleigh. And that's good news. As long as folks like Freeman, crane operator by day and twang-leaning rocker by night, continue to come to town, the reports of the death of alt-country in the Triangle will remain greatly exaggerated. Free. 4 p.m. --RC

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