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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

The Reputation, Fashion Design, Dynasty Electric Duo
Local 506
Thursday, Dec. 2

Former Sarge singer/guitarist Elizabeth Elmore maintains the punky spirit of her former riot grrl band in The Reputation, but brings a sound more in keeping with late-'80s alt-rock icons such as Throwing Muses and Bettie Serveert. Lyrically clever and brutally honest, Elmore is as tough on herself as those around her, and plays with fury. --CP

Chris Stamey, Mitch Easter, Dr. Gonzalez
Cat's Cradle
Thursday, Dec. 2

For one reason or another, historical movements are immortalized by a few spearheads and a litany of equally important and influential footnotes. In the college rock/jangle pop timeline, people remember R.E.M. but often forget Chris Stamey and his dB's. There is justice, though: Every track on Travels in the South, Stamey's first album in a decade, is better than almost every track on the new R.E.M. snoozer, Around the Sun. Former R.E.M. producer and Let's Active frontman Mitch Easter opens. --GC

Bob Margolin
Blue Bayou
Friday, Dec. 3

Margolin says that although the music may be traditional, the way they present it ain't. "We don't just stand there and play our instruments' standard parts, and we don't sound like bands who do. This is a combination of Muddy Waters' influence, more what he used to do with Little Walter and Jimmy Rogers than when I was in the band, and what I've learned and developed over thousands of gigs." --GB

Chuck Brodsky
Six String Cafe
Friday, Dec. 3

Although best known for his impressive catalog of baseball songs (with catcher/spy Moe Berg and tripping pitcher Dock Ellis among the subjects), Asheville-based and folk-leaning singer/songwriter Chuck Brodsky swings a mighty pen even when he's not writing about the national pastime. --RC

Sharks with Wings, Dynasty Electric Duo
Friday, Dec. 3

NYC jazz/rock scene-swinging collaborator Seth Misterka (William Parker, El Guapo) scored the spazz pop perfection of Dynasty when he scored the phone number of then bartender Jennifer DeVeau while waiting for a date in the East Village. Serendipity aside, this shaken, stirring Peaches/Suicide/Rapture is a cocktail of punk sneer, electronic precision and avant tumult backing her distinctly anthemic '70s fem rock attitude. Stay for Sharks With Wings: Black Dice-fashioned mindblowing. --GC

Fing Fang Foom
Local 506
Saturday, Dec. 4

It's the return of guitarist Mike Triplett after a near fatal bout with spinal meningitis. Triplett leads this local math rock trio, who feature a tough, chewy texture built on punishing rhythms and high octane, angular guitar that--while spawned from the same place as Slint and Victory at Sea--is heftier. They're also unusual in their use of piano instead of bass on some tracks, adding a depth of field to their atmospheres. --CP

Entrance, Heads on Sticks
Bickett Gallery
Saturday, Dec. 4

Devendra Banhart is to folk what Entrance--the solo codename of former Convocation of... bassist Guy Blakeslee--is to the Delta blues. His 2003 Honey Moan EP debut was 34 minutes cloaked in backwoods blues and torture, beckoning the spirits of Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon and Skip James in an utterly haunting, not-of-this-world kind of way. It still frightens me. Heads on Sticks opens at 8 p.m. --GC

Snatches of Pink, Leadfoot
Martin Street Music Hall
Saturday, Dec. 4

It's rock-out-with-your-sock-out night as a pair of roof-raising acts tap their ample power (chords). Leadfoot's louder than a bomb and twice as explosive, laying down thick, smoking grooves like tar from a road crew. A bastard blend of sludgy metal riffs and barroom boogie, they're what the Drive By Truckers would sound like if they worshipped at the altar of Sabbath and Priest. Headliners Snatches are crunchier than peanut brittle with a caustic rock flair. --CP

Les Georges Leningrad, Cantwell Gomez & Jordan, Des Ark
Local 506
Tuesday Dec. 7

Montreal's Les Georges Leningrad get downright icy, with brilliantly fragmented sounds; slicing through the night with misused guitars, organs and headgear looking like some smeared-makeup rejects from filmmaker Jack Smith's ode to hedonism, Flaming Creatures. Splat! Get in there. Cantwell Gomez & Jordan you know as the best damn skronk-rock outfit we've got; and don't miss the riveting duo Des Ark. --CT

Le Tigre, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Measles Mumps Rubella
Cat's Cradle
Tuesday, Dec. 7

Le Tigre often scream things at the top of their lungs, as their music speaks to topics boldly; dialoguing on the dense topics of gender and class, endlessly doing it in a party-all-night fashion. Points are made, shot through the irresistible beats gurgling away, as in a chant in a procession, an intoxicating protest march across a parquet dance floor. Two great openers; arrive early. --CT

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