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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week


The Velvet Teens
Thursday, Aug. 12

They call it art pop, but the harmonies the Velvet Teens of Santa Rosa, Calif. create owe more to old school R&B and soul than pop. Lead vocalist Judah Nagler's voice has been compared to the ethereal qualities of the late Jeff Buckley's sound.

The Lost Sounds
Local 506
Friday, Aug. 13

Approaching the skuzzy side of rock with broken synthesizers in tow, The Lost Sounds make the interesting case that Gary Numan was just as punk as Iggy Stooge; he just had shinier clothes. From the folks at In the Red Records, who brought you the Dirtbombs and Pussy Galore. --CT

Dub Addis
Blue Bayou Club
Saturday, Aug. 14

Founded in '94 by African refugees Dereje Tesfaye and Fresew Taye, Durham's Dub Addis spent the rest of that decade roaming the States refining its international sound with featured musicians from Cuba to the Congo. Adding bassist Tre Tomson in 2001, the trio spread the gospel of world peace through musical styles from American R&B to the rhythms of West Africa. The gist of the group's message is that most serous problems can be solved by paying attention to the wisdom of one's elders. --GB

Live at 506 Compilation CD Release Party
Local 506
Saturday, August 14

The weekly hip-hop showcase Microphone Mondays, brought together by the Soul Dojo and Xtra Infinit collectives, is busting out, growing a strong scene of MCs and DJs that feed off each other like cagey, rhyme-spitting piranhas. This week marks the release of their first selection of co-conspirators, a 22-track snapshot of hip hop Chapel Hill, with Kaze, Shelly B and others. --CT

North Elementary, Schooner, Foxtail
Friday, Aug. 14

A CD release party for North Elementary--a six-piece built on strings, synth, guitar, toy keyboards, bass, drums and programming--bleeds a spacey, expansive sound. Their newest, Lose Your Favorite Things, is a conceptual leap from their 2002 lo-fi charmer, Out of Phase, and it's worthy of big-time attention. They'll be joined by Raleigh poppers Schooner and New England's Foxtail. --GC

Butch Walker, American Hi-Fi, Val Emmich
Cat's Cradle
Monday, Aug. 16

During the first stop of his two-month tour with modern-rock placebos American Hi-Fi at The Lincoln Theatre last month, former Marvelous 3 frontman Butch Walker proved once again why that aptly named Georgia trio was one of the most electrifying, passionate and memorable Cheap Trick-borne bar bands to emerge in the past decade. Walker--an undeniable pop mastermind with a head full of melodies stickier than Super Bubble--was in complete control of that galled, piebald, poet-of-the-people entertainer mode that he's made his trademark, chugging two bottles of red wine and sidearming two dozen picks into the crowd during a one-hour set. He's back. --GC

The Dead
Alltel Pavilion
Tuesday, Aug. 17

Many have followed but no one does it better than The Dead. Their ambling, lucid dreaming compositions spin off airy bits of psychedelica within the folk-blues context of their sound, and unlike most of their jam-band contemporaries, the songs have motion and direction, not just a senses-dulling groove that they rut about in. Having witnessed them recently at Bonaroo, I can attest that the band sounds as good as ever, and--even without Jerry--remain one of the better live bands on the circuit. --CP

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