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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week


The Mr. T Experience
Cat's Cradle
Thursday, Feb . 26

'80's punk rock legends The Mr. T Experience return to the Cradle in support of their recent release Yesterday Rules. The "T" are constantly redefining themselves, having managed to fuse their original punk sound with new and experimental sounds. Bottom line: They will be on hand to rock your world. SNMNMNM, who also have a new album out, and local Raleigh greats Alli With An I, will start off a night of earth-shattering non-stop rock. Tickets are $8, doors open at 7 p.m. --Chris Toenes

The Bleeding Hearts w/Jimmy & The Teasers and The Needles
Kings Barcade
Friday, Feb. 27

If you're looking for a quiet night on the town with the lady, this ain't your place, cat. But if you're looking to strut that all new 'do and impress her with your best dancehall moves, this is it. Wilmington's Jimmy & The Teasers are exactly what you would expect: straight-ahead, balls-out rock played by one Jimmy Brad Ray and his two titillating Teasers, the eye-candy rhythm section of C-Bomb and Super Val. The Needles do it, too--just harder, louder and faster. And Raleigh's The Bleeding Hearts are perhaps the best four-piece new "classic rock" band in the state. This is the music that the Baby Boomers were warned about, and this will be the best rock 'n' roll show in Raleigh since Drunk Horse and The Cherry Valence ripped Kings apart in October. --Grayson Currin

Michael Tolcher w/Pat McGee Band and A.C. Hill
Lincoln Theatre
Saturday, Feb. 28, 10 p.m.

Big production has killed the debut effort of a great many 20-something singer/songwriters; Michael Tolcher--perhaps the most promising Southern popster to emerge in years, with a voice, a guitar and an ideology to boot--is the exception. A minister's son and a former Georgia Tech track star, Tolcher has the rare capacity to be entirely exuberant and utterly optimistic without being even slightly annoying. And in spite of the scatterbrained Pop Rox-production on his forthcoming I Am, Tolcher musters an intimate, direct sense of soul and honesty with every melody. This album hits shelves in early April; by then, his live show and Southern grace will have already made him a star. The Pat McGee Band headlines, and local boy A.C. Hill makes his Lincoln Theatre debut. Tickets are $10. --Grayson Currin

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