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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week


Chicken Wire Gang
New Year's Eve
The Cave

Teddy Z. is headed back here for the holidays and the Chicken Wire Gang is back in action for at least one evening of waffling and ruddering--whatever that means. The gang has deep roots in local music and features Zippers/Knockdown Society bassist Stu Cole on guitar; accordion master, lonesome serenader and Eno River Music Festival organizer Greg Bell; the aforementioned and fabulous Teddy Z. on drums and former Duo Jet Tone Mayer on bass. This is as close as it gets to those heady days back in Mouse's living room. CWG at The Cave is like going home. For more info, call 968-9308. --Kirk Ross

Mary Prankster (solo show)
Go! Studios, Room Four
December 28
10:00 p.m.

Now on her own after the dissolution of her band, Baltimore's Mary Prankster is taking her brash rock songs out on the road, accompanied only by her guitar. She's always been the electricity in the group, though, with a set of pipes that can belt out punk-infused rock numbers, or go all emotional with a torch song feeling. Great post-holiday show for waking up those eardrums. Call 969-1400 for more information. --Chris Toenes

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