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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

The Butchies
Go! Room 4
Thursday, Dec. 4, $6

In an interview conducted while she was driving back home from a Thanksgiving getaway in Asheville, The Butchies' Kaia Wilson admits that, lately, her band has been a bit reclusive.

"We'll, it's just that we've all been pregnant," she calmly explains, stalling with laughter halfway into her next lost clause. "No, no. I'm just kidding, I promise."

The Butchies--a trio of noise-prone gung-ho lesbian rockers who, at their best, somehow set questions of sexual orientation aside to render engaging, rebellious guitar/bass/drum indie essentialism--aren't pregnant. And, despite the rumors that have been flying through the Triangle for a few months now, The Butchies aren't breaking up.

"We never even talked about that because we've been so busy working on a new record and trying to get it ready to come out," Wilson says, attributing the gossip to confusion resulting from the obvious decision not to release the record on her and an ex-girlfriend's Mr. Lady label. "Hopefully, we'll finally get it out in April. But don't worry. It will get out."

Wilson says she and her bandmates have finally come to grips with their occasionally gorgeous pop leanings, and that the new material--recorded in March at Durham's Overdub Lane with Greg Griffith (Le Tigre, Patty Larkin)--is free of what she calls those "weird middle parts" that have always earmarked (and sometimes plagued) the band's most structured material.

"We've got big plans for this record," says Wilson, slipping into another of those fantastic laughing fits. "She has no idea who we are, but we're going to be touring with Pink before the end of the year."

Call 969-1400 for more info. --Grayson Currin

The Yayhoos, The Vibe Killers
The Brewery
Thursday, Dec. 4, $8 in advance, $10 day of

"Supergroup" can be a somewhat unsettling term, inspiring as it does images of tights and capes and the band Asia. However, The Yayhoos, a roots-rock supergroup of sorts, is able to get past all that. For one thing, they're definitely more t-shirts and jeans than capes and tights; plus they're too all-American to be Asia. Consisting of former Georgia Satellite leader Dan Baird, way-in-demand producer Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (ex-Blackheart and Del-Lord and current member of Steve Earle's band), local guitar hero Terry Anderson, and bassist Keith Christopher (who's played with Tony Joe White and Billy Joe Shaver), The Yayhoos fall, in supergroupspeak, somewhere between Golden Smog and Little Village. They're a band that deserves your blind faith. Opening is the Chip Robinson-led Vibe Killers, in what's reported to be their last appearance. --Rick Cornell

American Analog Set, The Album Leaf
Go! Room 4
Saturday, Dec. 6, 9:30 p.m., $8

This Austin quintet was the forerunner in the "easy listening" department of indie rock. Since 1995 they've been refining their soothing Farfisa-and-electric-piano compositions, and their new record, Promise of Love, is a testament to the power of drone. Combining the sloppy beauty of the Spacemen 3 with subtle rhythmic textures and layered vocal harmonies, their songs unfold gradually into endings of extreme grandeur. Labelmates The Album Leaf are kindred spirits, forcing reviewers into their thesauruses to find other words for "ethereal"; the band recently did a U.S. tour with Iceland's "empyreal" (see?) Sigur Ros. --Finn Cohen

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