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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

Kenny Roby and Friends w/ John Howie, Jr.
The Pour House
Friday Nov. 6, 10 p.m.

Former 6 String Drag mouthpiece and frontman Kenny Roby ends his three-week, Thursday night residency at The Pour House with an all-or-nothing, drenched-in-sweat finale set to include his New Electric Combo. Roby opened the stand with a solo gig, followed by a night with Scott McCall of the Combo and Two Dollar Pistols on a second guitar. Now, all of his rowdy friends will be on hand for a not-to-miss night of careful country songwriting matched only by the outfit's onstage abandon and energy. Pistol John Howie, Jr. will open. -- Grayson Currin

Plus/Minus, Disband
Go! Room 4
Monday, Nov. 10.

When Richard Baluyut founded Versus in the mid-'90, they were a dissonant guitar rock band with a touch of dreamgazer. But as time went on, and his brother James joined the band, they moved more in the latter direction, fashioning rich sonic tableaus that shimmered with an icy majesty. James Baluyut's new band, Plus/Minus, tracks a similar, more openly eclectic trajectory. Moody and synth-dominated, at times the trio feels like they want to follow The Faint's nostalgic resurrection of '80s new wave. Their palette ranges from quiet pop fragile enough for Twee to simmering pop with a late-night cocktail lounge feel. Graceful but understated, their second LP, You Are Here, finds Baluyut surveying creepy synth pop reminiscent of Gary Numan. Like with Versus, there is a supple complexity to the experimental tracks, though Baluyut seems more comfortable with the pop arrangements. --Chris Parker

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