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Get out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week


Timonium with Bellafea, Hotel Motel, Erie Choir
Wednesday, Oct. 29, 7:30 p.m.

Left coast dream poppers Timonium work in a slow but intense realm, where simple chords repeat in pulses, shimmering into each other. Tight local duo Bellafea along with Hotel Motel and Erie Choir round this out as a full night of melodic rock and homemade pop songs. For more info, call 933-5550. --Chris Toenes

Grand Champeen
Thursday, Oct. 30
The Cave
Friday, Oct. 31
Local 506
Wednesday, Nov. 5

In the past week or so, I've seen Jack Black's School of Rock and the Raleigh Little Theater's Schoolhouse Rock Live. And in the next week, there are three opportunities to see Grand Champeen's Old-School of Rock--as long as, that is, you consider TIM-era Replacements and Soul Asylum circa HANG TIME to be old school. OK, that's really just a roundabout way to say that this Austin, Texas four-piece traffics in swirling guitars and near-reckless abandon. They're all about sucker-punch hooks and punch-drunk charm. Halloween was officially listed as a day off on the band's schedule, so that shows you what they like to do with their downtime. Rock. --Rick Cornell

Malt Swagger, Hellion, '80s party featuring DJs Rain and Proteus
Saturday, Nov. 1

The spooky weekend at Ringside continues with more dancing and Durham's own ethereal Malt Swagger on board Saturday to haunt things up good, along with the group Hellion, including their scantily clad harpist.

Lump Gallery
Monday, Nov. 3
Tuesday, Nov. 4
7-10 p.m.

Artist Craig Colorusso's CUBEMUSIC is in town for a couple of days. The description sounds intriguing enough. The sound and light installation features six 4-foot square aluminum cubes. Each cube has a series of geometric shapes cut out of the sides and from within each cube emanates a different lighting pattern that glows and decays as well as a different four note chord swelling in volume. Together the chords create two 12-tone rows. Glowing lights and swelling chords: How can you go wrong with that?--Kirk Ross

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