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Get Out

Music worth leaving the house to hear this week

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with the Warlocks
Cat's Cradle
Wednesday, Sept. 17, 9 p.m.

The jangle-rock lovers BRMC are headlining this one, but get there early for the Warlocks. A rogue's gallery, numbering eight men, layer three-guitar harmonics over a double-drummer rhythm section, sculpted into glistening psych-pop nuggets and noisy long form excursions like the truest of the Velvets disciples, Spacemen 3. Call 967-9053 for more information. $10. --Chris Toenes

Trailer Bride
Cat's Cradle
Thursday, Sept. 18

Our very own Dixie Emily Dickinson, Melissa Swingle, and her mates in Trailer Bride make a hometown stop on their national tour in support of the new release Hope is a Thing With Feathers (Bloodshot Records). The title song sets Dickinson's words to music, and the rest of the album contains the haunting, Southern-Gothic mix of slink and stomp, warble and raunch, whisper and holler, for which Trailer Bride has become renowned far beyond Cole Park Plaza. Things should really get going if Swingle pulls out her musical saw. Unholy Trio opens. For more info: call 967-9053. --Michael J. Kramer

Scene Creamers with Black Taj
Go! Room 4
Thursday, Sept. 18

Scene Creamers are the latest offering from Ian Svenonious (also Nation of Ulysses, Weird War) and Michelle Mae of the Make-Up. As to be expected, there's lots of moaning and sweating to accompany their spastic rock. The best reason to go see this show, however, would be a rare appearance by Black Taj: half of local legends Polvo (and current group Idyll Swords, if you combine them a different way), a kickass drummer, and some jaw-dropping guitar work. --Finn Cohen

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