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Music worth leaving home to hear this week


Go! Room 4
Thursday, Aug. 28, 9 p.m.

Sad but true, Brazilia is disbanding. Make your way out to Go!, to see the first of their four final shows. It may not be mere coincidence that they're playing with an actual band called Disband (along with The Forms & The Weapon). No hard feelings, their website reassures, and further, there are "no black eyes, no dead cats." For more information, call 969-1400 or check out $6. --Lauren Hooker

John Howard
Comet Lounge
Friday Aug. 29, 10 p.m.

NYC house legend John Howard brings his funky brand of house to Raleigh this weekend. Veteran of the OM Records label clan, Howard is known the world over for his talent to make people move. Also featured at this event is a live ensemble of synths and cello to flesh things out, while local DJs Peekaboostupid, Sleazy McQueen and Tomax warm things up. Brought to you by La Cimbali and the folks at Newkularfamily. For more information, call 833-8090. $5. --Chris Toenes

Go! Room 4
Friday Aug. 29, 10 p.m.

One of the key figures in Toronto's dance music underground, now transplanted to Montreal, is techno wunderkind Jeff Milligan, aka Algorithm. He works in a seamless flow of beats, as adept at the decks as any of today's DJ hotshots. His style is rooted in the bounce of early house, made modern. Go! begins the transformation to dance floor with local spin doctors Dotist and Riktor. Presented by Dyssembler and WXYC 89.3. For more information, call 969-1400. $7. --Chris Toenes

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