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Music worth leaving the house to hear this week


Blind Hog Band
Six String Cafe
Wednesday, June 25

If you like your bluegrass with a twist, then Blind Hog is the band to get twisted with. Banjoist Van Ramey and partner/guitarist Eldon McGuire frequently leave their old Kentucky home to tear up the joint with hot licks on anything from Grandpa Jones to the Rolling Stones. You haven't lived until you've heard "Paint It Black" played on a banjo. Course, they do straight-up bluegrass and country too as well as some Moody Blues and Eagles, but once you get that bluegrass Stones thing going on, you'll never want to hear it done any other way. --Grant Britt

Claire Holley
Six String Cafe
Thursday, June 26

Claire Holley admits that in her previous albums, she's built a rep as "a pretty mellowly sweet kind of singer/songwriter." Her latest Yep Roc release, Dandelion, will shake up that image a bit. The first cut, "6 Miles to McKinney" is a hip shaker. "It was a conscious effort to try to get out of my sort of mellow genre," the Greensboro-based Mississippian confessed. Holley and producer/ bassist Steve Graham went for an "organic feel" on the record, which Graham says means that the sessions were recorded pretty much like they happened, warts and all, with little overdubbing. But fans of Holley's previous mellower side need not fret. She's still got it--it's just spread around in the mix, and she'll have plenty of it to share in her live performance. --Grant Britt

Two Dollar Pistols with Meanflower
Kings Barcade
Friday, June 27

Scott McCall cracks out boot-scootin', articulated licks almost as wide and as deep as the masterly forlorn baritone of one John Howie, the gawky indie rock drummer-turned-country crooner who only thinks he can dance but knows he can break your heart. Yeah, those Two Dollar Pistols will hurt your feelings, steal your cash and double-park you on the high stakes, hari-kari highway of love. But you will enjoy it. Hell, you might even dance. Meanflower, whose 2003, Peter Griesar-produced offering "... A Distant Episode" made a lot of critics very happy, opens. $6. --Grayson Currin

Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre with Valient Thorr and Sentinel
Go! Studios
Tuesday, July 1

Borrowing heavily from the sexy style of '70s disco punks Blondie and the rigid rhythmic edge of that decade's West Coast underground, Glass Candy promises high drama and some danceable beats, delivered with a sneer. With Greenville, N.C., concept rockers Valiant Thorr and openers Sentinel. For more information: 969-1400. --Chris Toenes

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