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Gary Dunn

Candidate for Governor

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Name as it appears on the ballot: Gary Dunn

Campaign website:

All my personal stuff is on the web site so I will try to answer your questions in brief that are not answered there.

Thank you for asking me, however government decisions are made by the people, I just become their spokesperson.

Gary Dunn Candidate for Governor of North Carolina.

1. Gov. Perdue is proposing a 3/4ths of 1-cent sales tax increase to balance the budget and avoid more cuts to education. Do you support her proposal? A different tax increase? Or no tax increase?

What to tax and, how much money is needed is the larger question, who has done the background research? Read my response on the importance of teachers. Somebody suggested that we eliminate busing, did you know that the ridership on school buses for middle to high school students is only 22%, and that bus drivers make the same salary as teachers. In a post-racial era the need to racially integrated schools is over as the neighborhoods are already integrated, just ask your next door neighbor, who is not white.

2. Do you support the Racial Justice Act? Is it time for North Carolina to abolish the death penalty?

Each case should be judged on it's own, wholesale answers do nobody any good. Who is on death row and for what? How can we run a government policy on such a wide paint brush? I think that for a large percent of "lifers" the alternative of death might be their choice. The Christian ethic of killing stands in the doorway to Jeffersonian separation of Church and State. Crimes punishable by death, are and should be handled by the laws of the state, which we have set up, or we should vote and let the people decide, not the office of the governor. The Office of the Governor and legislators only provides the forum that allow the open discussion for examination and change, not the personal judgment of the elected officials. Please re-align the questions to fit the subject. If the social climate changes the government policy should change with it.

3. Are you in favor of a Voter ID law? Why or why not? What steps can the state take to increase voter participation in elections?

If the voters thought that it made a difference and it was easier like phone voting, the vote would go up instantly with no cost. In a police state, we could demand that everybody vote, and then ID everybody with a little gold star on their jacket, and make them carry Photo ID everywhere, now we really don't want that, do we? Let us assume that the majority of people are honest and will vote only once, and are registered, know what the issues are, and can make informed smart discussions that effect their lives, after all that is the concept of starting these here UNITED STATES. Who would it discriminate against? Is the real question. As governor I plan to make voting easier, and allow the general public to participate to a greater level.

4. How will you vote on Amendment One, the amendment to ban gay marriages, civil unions and all other domestic partnerships other than the marriage of one man and one woman?

Read my response on my web page so I don't have to repeat myself. An educated voter is the only one I want to vote. I want your vote, not because I am good looking, because I am not, nor because I have a lot of money, because I do not, but because it is the right thing to do, as I will restore democratic participation in the system, that has been lost.

5. Do you support a woman's right to choose to terminate her pregnancy? Would you sign a bill requiring that a woman, before choosing abortion, undergo an ultrasound? Be counseled about alternatives? Or in other ways be discouraged from choosing an abortion?

Again read my response on the web page, please ask smarter questions. All your questions set up conditional(s) that allow others to influence a women's judgment. Who's body are we talking about, are women's bodies owned and property of the state, if so the state should decide by law, if not women should make their own decisions with no consequences or monetary regard. My body, my decision. The government should not be in this argument, or making decisions about people as though they were property.

6. Should the state take additional steps to encourage solar, wind and other renewable energy sources? Should additional nuclear plants in North Carolina be encouraged, discouraged or stopped?

You can't run cars and trucks on solar, wind, or bio. Yes, I encourage more Nuclear Plants being built, and owned by the local citizens, not an out of state energy corporation. When the market value of alternative energy tips to allow general use, the free market will support the industry. I do not believe that the Government should grant money to alternative energy companies, however the Government should not stand in the way with undue regulations. I encourage innovation and think that a few college students working in their garage without government supervision or funds can change the world, I promise not to stand in their way. My physics teacher at the University of Iowa some 30 years ago, was a proponent of Nuclear Power, in Matthews NC where I live, the coal train with more then 22,400,000 tons comes through every day, more then a hundred cars. Who pays the cost, or is it public opinion that fears nuclear plants. Charlotte with over a million in the metropolitan area sits between 2 nuclear plants and still pays one of the highest rates for energy, because we subsidies the network of coal generation plants, across the state.

7. What should we do about fracking—extracting natural gas by fracturing rock underground? Do you view it as a technology ready to use in North Carolina? Or one to be studied carefully before any decision about it is made?

Read my response on the web site, we live by oil, and gas, look at my daily virtual press conferences, please don't ask me to repeat every answer. If we studied everything until it was absolutely safe and predictable we would be still in the stone age. If you can perdict the future, come see me. As a member of CERT, we discuss the possibility of an oil shortage as real, we should utilize the resource we have, but not overlook the dangers that come with new technology, nor it's benifits.

8. With Dorothea Dix Hospital closing, should the state give or sell the 306-acre Dix tract for use as a park? What should the future of Dix Hill be, and what role should the state play in its future?

I prefer a nice museum, why don't we ask the local residents to decide. A phone vote would make it clear in about 30 minutes, which way to decide. We need to trust the opinion of the local residents, after all they will have to live with the proceeds or the park / museum. The area could use both. I think it should be decided locally.


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