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"Gov. Pat McCrory has decided against spending up to $230,000 in taxpayer funds remodeling bathrooms in his private living quarters at North Carolina's Executive Mansion ... A written estimate showed more than $100,000 of planned work to the master bathroom, including new marble, woodwork, bath fixtures and a ventilated water closet." —The Associated Press, Oct. 12, 2013

14,000 Number of homes in N.C. without indoor plumbing

6 Number of bathrooms in the living area of the governor's mansion

$8,000–$15,000 Average cost to remodel or add a typical bathroom

29 Estimated number of households that could get indoor plumbing for the amount of McCrory's renovations

$503 Average cost to install a bidet, including the fixture

$105 Average monthly cost to rent a portable toilet, serviced every week, with a built-in sink

Sources: U.S. Census, improvenet.com, Associated Press, porta-pottyrental.com

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