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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary


Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of May 7:

5 years ago: In a Rock 'n' Roll Quarterly article about the changing formats of recorded music, Skip Elsheimer, in discussing the future of the music industry, wrote, "... music is being digitized and traded illegally on the Internet in files called MP3s (which stands for 'MPEG layer 3,' a digital audio format). But this technology is only available to the somewhat technically savvy computer user and not the average music consumer."

10 years ago: A Front Porch piece reported that, according to a then-recent issue of Weekly World News, the "hottest fad on campus" called for men to wear jockstraps on the outside of their pants in emulation of Madonna's "bra-as-blouse" idea. A UNC-Chapel Hill student and jockstrap trend follower, who was quoted in the article as saying, "I love the way the ladies are always ogling me," could not be located for comment or verification of his dressing habits.

20 years ago: Greensboro Mayor Jon Forbis said, "I hope we can put this thing behind us," referring to the 1979 shooting deaths of five anti-Klan activists. But investigations by PBS and the Institute for Southern Studies revealed that Edward Dawson, one of the Klansmen indicted in the case, was a police informant. Questions abound, The Independent reported, about whether the confrontation could have been averted.

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