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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary

Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of April 30:

5 years ago: Chris Fitzsimon of the Common Sense Foundation and Andrea Verykoukis revealed the findings of a recent survey of local TV news programs' content. The study found that WRAL, WTVD and WNCN spent more time promoting themselves and upcoming stories, and reporting on crime, natural disasters and tragedies outside the community, than they did reporting on local government and politics..

10 years ago: A Front Porch piece told of the speed with which a bill easing a state ban on oral and anal sex was killed in the legislature, a striking exception to the usual sluggish passage of bills through the system.

20 years ago: Jon Rosenblum reported on North Carolina's Cherokee Bingo, which offers jackpots up to 20 times higher than the state law allows because it's located on an Indian reservation, outside the reach of federal and state regulations.

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