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The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary


Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of April 23:

5 years ago: Matt Case talked to five Chatham County residents--Elward Horton, Eric Schwartz, Annie Kelley, Caroline Thomas and Craig Gammarino--about the growth and land-use patterns that are threatening the rural atmosphere of the county.

10 years ago (Our 10th anniversary issue): Bob Burtman took a look at regionalism--the idea that cities and towns in a given area work together, as opposed to individually, to plan for growth in their region--and its prospects for having a positive effect on planning in the Triangle in years to come. .

20 years ago: Barry Jacobs wrote about the process by which N.C. State basketball player Lorenzo Charles avoided serious jail time and the end of his career at State. Charles, who was persuaded to help two other students steal two pizzas from a delivery man, acknowledged his guilt and took part in a Felony Diversion program, completing community service and getting counseling in lieu of an active jail sentence. This enabled him to keep playing and to make the legendary put-back dunk that defeated Houston for the 1983 national title.

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