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Looking Back: The Independent Weekly 20th Anniversary

Here's what The Indy was writing about the week of April 16:

5 years ago (our 15th Anniversary issue): Barry Yeoman examined the collaborative efforts of the Indy and the Community Urban Design Center to make RTP into a walkable, livable, less congested and more human-friendly campus. Plans included a market circle, a car-free living district, and a mass transit hub.

10 years ago: Wyatt Closs documented the rise of gansta rap, gangsta culture, and its influence on communities across the country, including the Triangle. The Rodney King trial and subsequent L.A. riots were still a fresh memory.

20 years ago: The Indy's very first cover story was an investigative piece by Dee Reid about the problems with North Carolina's 1,400 hazardous waste treatment facilities, in particular one in Durham called "Armageddon."

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