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Froggy Fresh, D&D Sluggers

When: Fri., June 16, 9 p.m. 2017

Even if you don't recognize the names Tyler Cassidy or Froggy Fresh, it's likely you're still familiar with his work: Initially known as Krispy Kreme before he received threats of legal action from everyone else's favorite hot doughnut purveyor, the rapper quickly went viral five years ago with his first YouTube upload, a music video for his rap song "The Baddest." Netting more than eleven million views in a matter of months and eventually leading to an appearance on Tosh.0, the mockingly braggadocious debut showed an inexplicably (and literally) snot-nosed lyricist boasting that he's "made out with every girl in the world" and "beat up every single person in jail" while brandishing firearms with his bespectacled buddy Money Maker Mike in what looked to be his parents' basement.

Questions about his legitimacy followed as Froggy Fresh continued to churn out videos for simple, silly songs like "Christmas"—in which he rattles off a wish list of John Cena memorabilia, a box of brownie mix, and another copy of Illmatic—and "Dunked On," which recounted a basketball court showdown with his perpetual enemy James. The full-length collection Money Maker (Reloaded) proves the songs are often legitimately catchy even when lacking their goofy visual accompaniment.

Over the last couple years, Froggy Fresh's upload rate slowed, his singles getting marginally more serious as his videos grew in length—while still low-budget and quirky, his approach was closer to cinematic storytelling. Take the six-minute prologue to "Fun Trip," where Froggy sets the stage for the saga of Mike getting addicted Fun Dip, dealt (of course) by the evil James. Like the rest of his catalog, it takes a certain sense of humor to not dismiss the track offhand before getting to the worthy hook.

In February, Cassidy resurfaced after nearly a year of silence with a lengthy video that pulled back the curtain on Froggy Fresh, explaining that he developed the persona after struggling to establish himself as serious rapper. But he's since grown tired of the act, and many of the guest stars from his videos have also grown up and moved on. With plans to pursue a career as a comedic actor, Cassidy decided to book a month-long live tour to let fans bid farewell to the Froggy Fresh character, at least until their next click.

Assisting the bill in fully tapping the Internet geek market, Wilmington's D&D Sluggers open with danceable indie pop ditties that mesh chiptune production with impassioned vocals. —Spencer Griffith

Price: $15-$50

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