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Screen: Special Showings

Friday the 13th and The Burning

When: Fri., June 19 2015



CAROLINA THEATRE—John Carpenter's 1979 classic Halloween might have kickstarted the slasher genre, but Friday the 13th, released only a year later, cemented its tropes. The quintessential summer-camp splatterfest, Friday the 13th spawned a legion of sequels, imitators and parodies. In other words, it quickly became everything 1981's The Burning, filmed almost concurrently, could have been. The similarities between the films are plentiful. Both feature a faceless killer stalking teenagers in a woodsy, idyllic setting. Both feature early appearances by now-established actors (Kevin Bacon in Friday and Jason Alexander in The Burning). However, inspired by the urban legend of Cropsey—a New York bogeyman whose harrowing real-life story is explored in Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio's excellent 2009 documentary, Cropsey (streaming on Netflix)—The Burning gives the campground killer a haunting, if distant, link to reality. Which is the better film is debatable, but only The Burning was banned under the U.K.'s notorious "Video Nasties" list. 7 p.m., $9, 309 W. Morgan St., Durham, 919-560-3030, —Bryan C. Reed

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