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Friday, November 30

UNC Open Studio
  • UNC Open Studio

Chapel Hill
UNC ART LAB—UNC Art Lab MFA candidates show their stuff at the program's open studio tonight from 6 to 9 p.m. in the art lab on Airport Road. A wide range of media will be on hand from Natalia Vega-Forero, Lori Esposito, Angela Grisales, Ellie Pierson, Cat Manolis and others. All the artists—and refreshments—will be present, and perhaps will help answer the nagging questions of "But what does it mean?" —Karlie Justus

THE ARTSCENTER—Seen the recent spate of reports linking exposure to music to neurological health? Well, here's a chance to improve your physical condition—and local health care—simply by paying the cover and settling in for a night of local roots: This double-header starts with the acoustic musings of Mary Johnson and caps with Shannon O'Connor, the fiery, freewheelin' Carrboro songwriter who channels bluegrass, blues and boogie into her rock. All proceeds go to help UNC's Student Health Action Coalition, a nonprofit, student-run organization providing free health services to underserved individuals and communities. Tickets go for $12-$14 for an 8 p.m. start. —Kathy Justice

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