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Friday, May 5


Silk Hope

Moonlight, Music and Dance Series

SHAKORI HILLS--Spinning off the successful Shakori Hills Festival and having honed their coordinating skills with the Bynum Music Series, Molly and Andy Parsons roll out the new Shakori Hills Moonlight, Music and Dance Series. The series, which runs every Friday night through late October, boasts an eclectic lineup ranging from the worldly Jaafar and Braco to the one-two Knoxville punch of the Tim Lee Band and former V-roy and Superdragster Mic Harrison. This inaugural evening will feature endless-honeymoon harmonizers Sarah Guthrie and Johnny Irion (pictured), trad-country good guys Hooverville, and a cappella group the Gospel Jubilators. The music starts at 7:30, and a hat will be passed several times for band donations. See for directions and information. --Rick Cornell



DESIGNBOX--While walking the (clean) streets of Raleigh during its First Friday Artwalk, take the kiddies over to DesignBox for a teachable moment. TrashEd @ DesignBox will display an Unnecessary Packaging Hall of Shame and educate its visitors on environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday products and how to un-trash your life. --David Fellerath

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