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Friday, May 12



Can Joann

Kings--Two Chapel Hill bands split CD release party duties with a show in--gasp!--Raleigh. New Jersey's indie stalwart Bar None Records re-released the underrated, self-titled debut from Hotel Lights--the perfect rainy-day-melody quintet of ex-Ben Folds Five drummer Darren Jesse--earlier this year. They finally celebrate with a hometown gig. Can Joann, a Chapel Hill quartet whose Aiden Grace EP sported some of the sharpest local hooks of 2005, finally gets around to releasing a full-length of its own, Hurt People Hurt People. Recorded in part at Pox World Empire and in a 19th-century farm house in Chapel Hill, Hurt People illustrates the band's capacity to write more than V-C-V pop songs. Memorable wares for fans of Modest Mouse and Nada Surf. Shakermarker, a simpatico hybrid of both, opens. --Grayson Currin



Duke University--Those currently wrinkling up their noses at the title: Unwrinkle quickly and get in line for tickets. The broad-witted musical with the tacky little title is a surprisingly sophisticated send-up of musical theater cliches and other Broadway sins, in a (so far) fictional city whose extreme water crisis means people have to pay every time they have to--well, you know. We're not kidding about the line for tickets either, since Hoof 'n' Horn is resurrecting this production from earlier in the semester for graduation weekend. Get in for $10, and if you miss tonight's show, it runs twice on Saturday, at 2 and 8 p.m. --Byron Woods

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