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Friday, May 11

"The Irascibles"
  • "The Irascibles"

Chapel Hill
Art After Dark
ACKLAND ART MUSEUM—Art may not be the only thing youll find after dark at the Ackland. The museum is showing works of "the Irascibles"—that's Jackson Pollock, Hans Hofmann (shown above) and pals—and also an exhibit by theater designer Julie Fishell called Making the Ephemeral Concrete: Directing for the Stage. The after-hours viewing starts at 5 p.m. For info, call 843-3676 or visit —Iesha Brown

Tooth, Dry Heathens
BULL CITY HEADQUARTERS—Finally gearing up for a proper release on Raleigh's Middle T Records, Bull City heathens Tooth are now perfecting their debauched metal onslaught. They approach with a thirst for blood and a remarkable respect for the classics, borrowing equal elements from Motörhead, Amebix and Buzzov-en. They're joined by the sardonic boozehound rock of Durham's Dry Heathens and the hyperactive skate thrash of Raleigh's Concrete Bombers. Tickets are $5 for the 8 p.m. show. —Rich Ivey

ARTSPACE—Raleigh's Artspace hosts the bi-monthly STAMMER!, which showcases the poetry, performance art, music and spoken words of scheduled performers, as well as open mic performances. For more info, visit or call 821-2787. —Megan Stein

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