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Friday, July 14




ARTSPACE'S GALLERY 2--STAMMER! organizer Mz Julee hosts featured artists Allison Dennis, Dasan Ahanu and the Futuristics poetry troupe plus a short film by Glitter for the bi-monthly spoken word and multimedia performance event hosted by Artspace. Open-mic sign ups (five minutes each) begin when the doors open at 9 p.m. Showcased artists start at 9:15, followed by open-mic participants. Tickets are $4. For more information, contact Artspace at 821-2787. --Michele Natale


THOMPSON THEATER--All's not well on the Gone with the Wind set. The umteenth script rewrite is still unfilmable. Producer David O. Selznick has fired director George Cukor. Cast and crew are waiting--at $50 grand a day. That's why Selznick has locked director Victor Fleming and writer Ben Hecht in his office in a five-day desperation play to save the film. Actors Comedy Lab presents this backstage comedy (tonight through Sunday) at Thompson Theater. Seats are $12-$15. Call 515-1100. --Byron Woods

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