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"Friday" is five years old, but here comes Rebecca Black

When: Sat., Dec. 5, 4 p.m. 2015



THE RITZ, RALEIGH—In February, "Friday" will turn five. To say that the cereal-and-vocal-fry-celebrating anthem about the end of the week, warbled by the then-13-year-old Rebecca Black, became a viral sensation would be an injustice to its actual trajectory. It was a bona fide hit, written and produced by the Los Angeles-based teen pop machine ARK Music Factory. The song's combination of banality and catchiness made it the single of early 2011, with listeners confused as to whether they loathed or loved it—and if they could do both at once.

Black settled well into the weird, nebulous type of fame that comes with being trollgazed. In the months that followed, she appeared on Glee and in a Katy Perry music video, and she ended the year with the most-streamed video on YouTube. (Thanks, in part, to those million-plus people who took time out of their days to register their displeasure by clicking "dislike.") She's since become more of a vlogger than a musician, posting clips about her hair and her trips to the ER with eye-roll-studded references to social media drama.

Black is back now, headlining the awkwardly named package "DigiTour SlayBells Ice," one of two traveling carnivals featuring teen stars, born online and ready for eternal looping. The Internet has become a new breeding ground for male teen idols, with Lou Pearlman's star-making savvy overtaken by the masses. Black will hold court as the bill's lone woman, surrounded by guys who trend bland. Minnesotan Jonah Marais is a boilerplate-cute musician who hopes to follow in the footsteps of Bieber, while Louisiana-born Dylan Dauzat breathed life into a questionnaire from Tiger Beat with the 2013 video series "Cute Things Girls Do." There's a crew of rubber-faced comedian-musician-dancer-broadcaster types, too, known collectively as 5quad. (Read the 5 as an S.) The whole thing will be over in two hours, which gives each individual attendee just enough time to create approximately 1,200 Vines. 4 p.m., $25, 2820 Industrial Drive, Raleigh, 919-424-1400, www.ritzraleigh.com—Maura Johnston

Price: $25

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