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Friday, April 28


Chapel Hill

The Life & Writing of Robert C. Ruark

Chapel Hill Museum--Wilmington native Robert Chester Ruark is often labeled "the poor man's Hemingway" due to his incisive writing style aimed alternately at the flawed threads of the nation's social tapestry, the moral precepts of naturalistic living, and the diorama of life in the wild. A World War II veteran and a Washington insider journalist, Ruark's Washington Daily News column provided popular culture critique, though his Field & Stream column espoused affection for the grandfather that taught him life lessons on the North Carolina coast. Ruark died in 1965 in Spain, just 50 years old. This exhibit runs through July 23, and is presented with the Robert Ruark Society and UNC-Chapel Hill's new Ruark Short Story Award.


The Drunk Stuntmen

The Pour House--In high school, a friend's house was the scene of many a party. Around 1 a.m., when enough Genny Cream Ale had been downed, we'd take turns doing spectacular rolls over what we dubbed "the stunt couch." The name Drunk Stuntmen reminds me of those late nights, and a Stuntmen show shares some of that same dizzy exhilaration. But the band's blend of big-guitar country-rock and hopped-up pop-rock makes a much better soundtrack than whatever we were listening to. Jac Cain steps from behind the soundboard to lead the openers, The Poonhounds. Show time is 10 p.m., and $6 (which you could no doubt find between the beer-stained cushions of a 27-year-old couch) gets you in. --Rick Cornell

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