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Friday 12.4

Future Islands
  • Future Islands

Chapel Hill
Pizza Fest with Future Islands

The CaveHeadlined by N.C. expats Future Islands—Baltimore residents with a freshly inked Thrill Jockey Records contract and a knack for casting synth pop into a sea of drunken rock—Pizza Fest 2009 promises a little bit of a lot of things: Studio Gangsters sling old-school rap with a guttermouth streak. Pink Flag peels off wiry riot-grrrl-referencing pop-punk. Robobilly suggests the violent collision of a front-porch jug band and The Dead Milkmen. Puritan Rodeo cuts clear keyboard tones through casual country rock. The unifier, you ask? Pizza, apparently. The Stagger Magazine, the party's presenter, promises not only to entertain with bands and sleight-of-hand master Michael Casey but makes sure Pizza Fest earns its culinary keep. Festivities start at 7:30 p.m. See —Bryan Reed

Chapel Hill
Doctor Faustus

Elizabeth Price Kenan Theatre, UNC-Chapel Hill—Shakespeare may be the most famous writer past or present, but we actually know more about his contemporary, Christopher Marlowe, who lived a short and dangerous life. He evidently got mixed up in political intrigue involving the counterfeiting, espionage and the then-forbidden Catholic faith. He was murdered at age 29 under mysterious circumstances, but not before he penned a handful of still-enduring (and very violent) plays, including Edward II, The Jew of Malta and Doctor Faustus. The last one, his classic tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil, gets a one-weekend production by UNC-Chapel Hill students. Director Jason Eckard, a 2000 UNC graduate, specializes in rethinking 16th- and 17th-century drama. General admission tickets, available at the door, are $5. The performance is free for PlayMakers Repertory Company season subscribers, privilege card holders (students who purchased discounted PRC season tickets) and dramatic art majors. For more information, contact Eckard at, Julie Fishell, dramatic art department faculty adviser, at or call the dramatic art department at 962-1132. —Zack Smith


Marsh Woodwinds—Paleface could point to collaborations with and shout-outs from once (Beck) and future (The Avett Brothers) kings for his bona fides. But he's much too busy pointing to the next destination on the map as he and drummer/ dynamo/ darling Monica "Mo" Samalot road-warrior from stage to stage. Such a post-apocalyptic reference fits, too: Paleface's twisted tale almost ended after years of alcohol abuse took their toll. He and Samalot continue to celebrate this second chance with stomping neo-folk songs, like those on the recent The Show is on the Road. The music starts at 8 p.m. Boylion opens, and $8 gets you in. See —Rick Cornell


Carolina Theatre—Celebrate the holidays with a plethora of classic movie screenings at the Carolina Theatre, ranging from the heartbreaking to the bloodletting. Friday offers an early Retrofantasma with a double feature of 1979's classic Alien, with Sigourney Weaver versus a giant space creature, and 1989's less-classic Leviathan, with Peter Weller versus a mutant sea creature. Eight dollars gets you a ticket for both films, the first of which starts at 7 p.m. —Zack Smith

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