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As part of their continuing foreign language film series, the Chapel Hill Institute for Cultural and Language Education presents Frida, a biographical film about legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Mexican-born director Paul Leduc's 1984 film is a worshipful portrayal of Kahlo's life--from her marriage to muralist Diego Rivera (Juan Jose Gurrola) to the debilitating polio that eventually forced the amputation of a leg, to her relationship with Trotsky and her fashionably bohemian life in the center of the Mexican art world of the 1930s. We see Kahlo (Ofelia Medina) lounging in her bath, smoking pot and drawing decorations in red lipstick on the body cast from her spinal operation; marching with Diego Rivera for the Spanish Loyalists; drunk on cognac and swinging in a hammock. The events of Kahlo's life unfold randomly in the film, conceived as a death-bed reverie, presenting the details of Kahlo's rich life as they slip in and out of the artist's mind. See "Special Showings" for details.

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