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Frances L. Dancy

Candidate for Hillsborough Town Commission


Name as it appears on the ballot: Frances L. Dancy
Full legal name, if different:
Date of birth: January 23, 1954
Home address: 525 Dixie Ave.
Mailing address, if different from home: PO Box 29
Campaign Web site: None
Occupation & employer: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Home phone: 919-732-1523
Work phone:

1) What do you believe are the most important issues facing Hillsborough? If elected, what are your top priorities in addressing those issues?

Growth, economic development, and quality of life are just a few of the most important issues facing Hillsborough. If elected, I would continue to be a part of the team to make sure that we choose development that would enhance our town and would meet the criteria of our planning and zoning ordinances, and our vision for Hillsborough. We are currently in the process of updating our zoning ordinances. I would continue to encourage the types of economic developments that would increase our tax base and perhaps take some of the burden off our citizens.

2) What is there in your record as a public official or other experience that demonstrates your ability to be effective on the Town Board? This might include career or community service; but please be specific about its relevance to this office.

I have served 3 terms on the Hillsborough Town Board. I have been working on all the issues facing the Town and have a vision of what tools are needed to make our government work more efficiently for example updating our zoning ordinances and getting our planning procedures in place for developers. I have also been the treasurer of my church for over 15 years and understand the development of a budget. My experience has taught me to be able to make decisions based on factual information and listening to what the citizens of our community desire.

3) How do you define yourself politically and how does your political philosophy show itself in your past achievements and present campaign platform?

I would consider myself conservative in this age of economic depression. I value what citizens need/desire and that motivates some of the decisions that I make. I use my integrity and place myself in their position when making a decision. Sometimes the answers may not be what is wanted, but what is needed -- all based on information.

4) Identify a principled stand you might be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some popularity points with voters.

I really can't think of one at this time.

5) Why do you think there are so few candidates for Hillsborough office? What can be done to better energize the public into caring and serving?

I believe that most of the citizens are satisfied with the job that the Board is doing. If not, I am sure more would have applied for office.

I'm not sure how to energize others into serving. I pondered this question recently and truly encourage others to run for office -- even if it's for the office I hold. I believe that time and commitment keeps people from wanting to run for office. It takes a lot of time that you have to commit -- reading long agendas and serving not only on the Town Board, but other boards that might be assigned. I really applaud the citizens that volunteer on any of our boards as I know well what it takes to serve.

6) What kinds of development projects would interfere with the town's plans for its future?

Projects that would not be environmentally friendly, really large water users -- even though we could use some water users right now!

7) What are your hopes for the Hillsborough Riverwalk project? Have they changed given the state of the economy?

I have high hopes for Riverwalk -- especially with the good news of receiving full funding for the Riverwalk Phase 2 from a PARTF grant!

8) How will you manage growth? What is the best strategy given this inevitability?

I plan to continue to be cautious about what types of projects that I would approve. We already have several approved projects out there that I am waiting to see developed. The economy has really slowed what the outlook of these will be. The best strategy to manage growth in Hillsborough is how much water we have to serve developments. We have our water capacity study that helps us with that. We are now limited until Phase II of our reservoir is started.

9) How does Hillsborough fit in with surrounding communities? How will you work with colleagues in those areas to promote and support each other?

Hillsborough fits in well with surrounding communities. I currently serve on the Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau and we have helped promote not only Chapel Hill, but Hillsborough and Carrboro. I also am on several boards through my position on the Triangle Council of Governments that keeps Hillsborough on the map in regionalism. With that said, I hope to continue to be a part of that support with Orange County and the region.

10) What's your opinion of the town's incentivized retirement plan? Can the town afford it? How will you address replacing any or all of the14 department heads who are eligible for this option?

The Town of Hillsborough does not have an incentivized retirement program. That is Orange County.

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