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For the week of March 29 through April 5


Thursday, March 30

Living Dead, Fuse

Chapel Hill's Living Dead peddles raucous rhymes filled with rancor, as their name gives an idea of their bilious attitude. They are attached to the Nodcraft collective, a disparate group of hip-hoppers and graffiti enthusiasts. LD's influences include "zombies, skin, teeth, trees, dirt, rocks, axes and knives." 10 p.m. --CT

I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch in the House, Second Husband, Local 506

Before you can love Matt Damron and his raucous, straight-ahead rockin' Portland quintet I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch in the House, you have to accept his apology, the opening from the band's third full-length, Menace: "No, I've never been too articulate/ And I hope these words hit you like a brick." But what he lacks in suavity he doubles in passion, so when he screams "Now if God hates fags, you asshole, I'm sure he hates you more/ Fuck Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church," he may not be a poet, but he sure is awesome. $7/10 p.m. --GC

Garaj Mahal, Zegg, Lincoln Theatre

San Francisco's Garaj Mahal isn't pretending when it goes on a multinational bender: Guitarist Fareed Haque was born to a Chilean mother and Pakistani father, bassist Kai Eckhardt was raised in Germany, and the band's sole "native Americans"--Eric Levy and Alan Hertz--absorb and transmit world influences spontaneously. Zegg is an energetic Triangle quintet wrapping Trey Anastasio's whimsical lyrical paradigm in loose-fitting, hemp-woven songs. $10-12/9 p.m. --GC

Friday, March 31

Adrienne Young & Little Sadie, Lincoln Theatre

Adrienne Young & Little Sadie proffer a reverence for and references to old-timey music--from Harry Smith-mined folk music to the South's wealth of gospel--right beside a bouncy, cheerful bent inspired by Young's gregarious tendencies. The band is one of the freshest things now emerging from Music City, and their second record is a charmer. $8-10/9 p.m. --GC

Bloom: LGBQTI Dance Party, Wetlands

Get your dance on with this rainbow-flavored shindig, hosted by Diana Prince. Work on moves, better your game, meet new folks--it's a family affair. $3 before 11 p.m., $5 after; students $3/9 p.m. --CT

Urban Sophisticates, Boxbomb, Starting Tuesday, Fallen Forth, 305 South

A big roster of pop and rock starts early. Then, mix it up with live instrument hip hop by way of Greensboro from the Sophisticates. Percussion and horns round out their rhymes, like a version of The Roots from Guilford County. $8/7 p.m. --CT

Oblivious Action Figures, The Pour House

Only two brands of funny work in rock music: 1) Low brow, frat boy funny--fart jokes, and boobie puns for the pop punk set; 2) Over the top, spoofy funny--semi-parody and silly melodrama for the detached intelligentsia. That said, Oblivious Action Figures' brand of funny sort of sits somewhere in the middle, so it doesn't quite work, but it's a fun train wreck to watch. Sort of. $6/8:00 p.m. --RM

Saturday, April 1

Franklin Delano, DeYarmond Edison, Duke Coffeehouse

This is a fine bill of non-Chicago, acoustic-arching art rock, both bands sporting heavy kinship to or fanship of genre with bellwethers Califone. Italy's Franklin Delano plots ploys of feedback through humming and hawing dirges crawling by through low-key melodies, while Raleigh's DeYarmond Edison takes that same rustic raddle and projects it onto pop songs. The former has toured with Califone, and the latter adores them. 9:30 p.m. --GC

NOLA, Bickett Gallery

NOLA marks the Raleigh musical map with newly penned, old-soul country songs eased out in Christy Smith's equally endearing and excitable voice. The band just began recording its debut with DeYarmond Edison frontman Justin Vernon, so look out. 10 p.m. --GC

The Rosebuds, Bowerbirds, Cat's Cradle

You've got to hand it to The Rosebuds--they sure know how to please us locals. Last year, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp wrote one of 2006's most heartbreakingly beautiful records, toured the hell out of it, and still managed to drop by all of our local watering holes and indie rock clubs to remind us just how lucky we are to have them around. $8/9: 30 p.m. --RM

Sunday, April 2

The Greyboy Allstars, Cat's Cradle

White bread deejays, jazz lovin' chop-fellas, and indie rock slacker-cum-producers converged back in the '90s and surfers all over San Diego bobbed their heads to the Greyboy Allstars. Now, nine years later, the boys are back together and touring their new record through the Cradle, where the 'Stars are sure to offer up more of that sunshine, beach rock and groove-fiendin' acid jazz. $20/9:15 p.m. --RM

Jason Ringenberg & Kevn Kinney, The Pour House

Jason Ringenberg (of Scorchers fame) and Kevn Kinney (Drivin 'n' Cryin) have the band leader thing down cold. But they're just as compelling when they're holding court alone. In Dylan terms, think of Ringenberg as an animated "Absolutely Sweet Marie" and Kinney as a gritty "Ballad of Hollis Brown." Full shows from both are promised. $10 in advance, $12 at the door/7 p.m. --RC

Tuesday, April 4

Cracker Unplugged, Cat's Cradle

This acoustic duo show featuring David Lowery and Johnny Hickman was rescheduled from December. And plugged in or otherwise, Lowery's songs are worldy wise, wordy and wiseass-y, and Hickman's witty playing is the perfect accompaniment. Bobby Houck of the Blue Dogs opens. $15/9 p.m. --RC

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