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For the week of December 27 ~ 30

Music worth leaving the house for


Contributors: Grant Britt, Grayson Currin, Rich Ivey, Kathy Justice, Chris Toenes

Wednesday, December 27

Schooner, Matt Tyson, Bickett Gallery

Ear Farm is a music blog ( from New York-based writer Matt Tyson, who left Raleigh four years ago. As blogs go, it's mostly just another young man's MP3 blog, providing snarky, sometimes self-obsessed "uniqueness" backing pretty stock tastes in indie rock (and Clipse, natch). But Tyson and his laptop offer a holiday treat down South, hosting Schooner's gauzed guitar-and-keys pop and the easy bliss of Erie Choir for a home-for-the-holiday's showcase. And a closing solo set from Scott Phillips as The Monologue Bombs (Phillips is the piano playing belter from Goner) is as good a reason as I can imagine to leave ma and pa's early. 8 p.m. —GC

Thursday, December 28
Thad Cockrell & Caitlin Cary
  • Thad Cockrell & Caitlin Cary

Thad Cockrell & Caitlin Cary,B.J. Barham, The Pour House

I thought I knew Thad Cockrell: 2003's Warmth & Beauty collected his sad songs and heart/sleeve romantics, tiding his blue-eyed personality and simple, plaintive country voice with a backing band capable of nuance. But two weeks ago I heard "Christmas Time is Here," a song Cockrell wrote with friends Roman Candle for Chris Stamey's Christmas album. Cockrell's voice melts like butter on the track, dripping with a sincerity so easy, gentle and endearing it could give a grown man seasonal spirit. In fact, Cockrell's so good right now (and his new demos prove it), I feel like I don't even know him anymore. But don't worry: I'm sure Caitlin Cary's voice remembers him quite well. $8-$10/ 8 p.m. —GC

Radical Attack, S.S. Bomb Squad, Concrete Bombers, Kings

With many self-proclaimed "hardcore kids" busy doing spin-kicks in $200 Nikes, it can be difficult to take the punk sub-sect seriously in 2006. Sometimes, it feels as if Negative Approach and Poison Idea never existed. Fear not: Richmond's S.S. Bomb Squad and Raleigh's Concrete Bombers will ravage with classic bandana-styled thrash and blistering songs of skateboarding, politics and other topical favorites. Canada's visiting Radical Attack plays pissed-off fastcore, albeit with a few Nike swoosh tendencies. 10 p.m. —RI

Friday, December 29

Thunderlip, Dynamite Brothers, Grappling Hook, Kings

Wang dang doodle! Wilmington's T-lip go for The Scorpions but with better English skills, while The D Bros. still belt out heavy soulful badness. Entering stage left is the Hook, a mysterious entourage led by a hooded leader, The Torch Marauder. 10 p.m. —CT

Joceifus Rifle, Tir Na Nog

Wilson's Joceifus Rifle makes wide-eyed claims about originality in Southern alt-rock, but the group holds steady to the tried and true, coming off a bit like mid-'90s Top 40 leftovers Sister Hazel. But that tradition works for these guys: Their sound is as big as their name (Josephus Rifle was the last man in N.C. reported to kill a whale) with polished hooks, balmy acoustic riffs and the occasional mandolin twitter. It's nothing new, but if you ever stood in front of a mirror belting out "All for You," this show is for you. Free. —KJ

The Noises 10, Modern Skirts, The Pour House

Billboard Magazine published a short feature on The Noises 10 in July, placing the Charlotte quartet into its group of "unsigned artists with the potential to break into the big time." The magazine isn't far off with its classification. With a sound too polished for the indie-rock tag, The Noises 10's guitar-and-keys pop is destined for, at the very least, a spot on an O.C. mixtape with The Killers, Spoon and The Postal Service. $5/ 10 p.m. —RI

The Avett Brothers, Langhorne Slim and War Eagles, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Lincoln Theatre

If you're intent upon ever seeing Concord's The Avett Brothers in their home state again, consider Google Alerts and space on your credit card. The band's annual New Year's Eve celebration in Charlotte sold out quickly, so they booked this Triangle gig to compensate. Tickets sold out in a matter of days, but this one may be worth the beg. Whether you attribute it to the crafty hooks of their malt-and-caffeine Southern swill or the sheer frenetic and sweaty showmanship of their stage show, The Avett Brothers have few live peers, let alone rivals. Sold out/ 9 p.m. —GC

Saturday, December 30

Michael Burks, Blue Bayou Club

Michael Burks is a millennial blues savant, burning up the stage with gospel-heavy back porch blues that cater perfectly to his big-voiced Flying-V Gibson and Albert King guttural roar. But if his guitar shape doesn't clue you into his bad-ass status, then maybe his lyrics will: "I won't stand in your way, I won't beg you to stay, just let the door knob hit you where the good Lord split you" croons a cold and hardened Burks, delving into those "my woman done gone and done me wrong" Delta-blues digs he wears so well. 9:30 p.m. —KJ

Killer Filler, The Cave

Hillsborough's Killer Filler lives up to its name. Their surf-and-funk odes are carefully crafted tributes that, for the most part, sound like the Ventures meeting the Meters. But they don't get stuck in one retro groove: Their lounge-adelic repertoire includes a touch of Dead Kennedys and Captain Beefheart. $5/ 10 p.m. —GB

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