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For Ogburn

My husband and I moved back to Durham 15 years ago to raise our family because we are native North Carolinians and we felt this was a beautiful and culturally alive area of the state. Since then, we have watched sprawl and traffic congestion creep ever closer to our inner Durham home—even as we have watched our national environmental protections diminish under the Bush administration.

This needs to stop. We need smarter growth planning in Durham, and we need government representatives who acknowledge and work for our right to clean air, clean water, green spaces and a well-planned community. On May 2, I am going to vote for Sandy Ogburn for N.C. House District 29 because she is the only candidate with experience in these issues, as well as the only candidate giving them any priority. I urge other voters in District 29 to join me in voting for Ogburn so that we have a strong advocate for these issues working on the state level to preserve the things we love most about our quality of life here in Durham.

Kelly M. Harrell

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