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Intimidated by the idea of making your own film? Think that the world of cinema is beyond you, out of your grasp? Jim Haverkamp begs to differ. Haverkamp takes over Flicker on the sixth anniversary of its inception. What is Flicker, you ask? Founded by Norwood Cheek, legendary music videographer to the local alternative music stars of the early ´90s, the show provides a venue for folks to show their work, share ideas and techniques, and otherwise feed off of fellow filmmakers, better known as "networking." Cheek´s successor, Roger Beebe, recently departed to teach film in Florida, after educating loads of Flicker-goers right here. Haverkamp hopes to continue making celluloid accessible, evidenced in the program for Sunday´s Cat´s Cradle show, featuring works by several people who had never, ever, used a camera before. Don´t be intimidated. Auteurs lurk in all of us, and Flicker just might show you how to unleash them. See "Special Showings" for details.

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